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Retro Redux: NES Quest – DuckTales START

A photo of my TV displaying the title screen (hence the glare…and possibly the warped text). Game: DuckTales Release Date (North America): Sept. 14, 1989 Developer: Capcom Genre: Action Platformer It was a close competition between DuckTales and StarTropics, but

Retro Redux: The NES

Any quest to play retro Nintendo games should probably begin with the NES. It’s one of the most iconic gaming systems of all time, and it essentially revived the home console market in the United States single-handedly after the disastrous

Retro Redux: PRESS START

Surely it’s common knowledge among Nintendo fans that, in the U.S., Nintendo revived the home console industry after the video game crash of 1983. This was possible thanks to one of the most iconic gaming systems of all time: the