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Review: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Looking for some type of “Puzzle” game fix during the holidays? How about a game that was developed by Griptonite Games? Or maybe you are just looking for something casual with colorful graphics and nice music. Well before you actually

Goo-like Tiki Towers confirmed for Dec. 8

Perhaps World of Goo caught your interest, but you prefer monkeys and coconuts in your puzzle games as opposed to globs of slime. In that case, you’re also in luck. WiiWare World got the scoop on Tiki Towers this weekend,

Cradle of Rome impression

In Cradle of Rome, Ancient Rome will rise again as players re-create the city of old using a unique variation on the Match-3 puzzle mechanic to build more than 20 masterpieces of Ancient Roman architecture.  Players will gather resources by

Puzzle Quest Galactrix Impressions

From the makers of Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords, comes Puzzle Quest Galactrix with a view into a futuristic, space setting. Galactrix is visually similar to the “Hexic” games, with tiles that are hexagonal (and can therefore be swapped

Weekly Picture Scramble Puzzle

What’s going on in this picture? Submit your guess in comments and if you’re correct, you’ll have bragging rights for a whole week!

First Boom Blox impressions give weight to this simple Wii title

Reactions to the Boom Blox press release we fired off on Infendo a few days or so ago were mostly positive, if I recall correctly, with a sprinkling of negativity. At the time, unlike Spore DS, I decided to give