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Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokemon Company announces special treasure hunt and music video

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company had been teasing a special announcement last week, which left some of us pondering the possibilities. Now, the surprise both companies have been touting is a special Pokemon-themed treasure hunt. In this new promotion, you

Special Pokemon Announcement Inbound

      The Pokémon Company tweeted the above message today. The developer will announce more Pokemon-related news on Monday, September 16 at 8am PDT. After the recent onslaught of  Pokémon X & Y news, is there anything else to

Video: Pokemon X & Y gameplay trailer details PSS

Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda unveiled Tuesday during Nintendo’s E3 Developer Direct a few more juicy details regarding Pokemon X & Y. One of the new features that will be included in X & Y is the Player Sear System

Pre-Order Pokemon X And Y Now!

Ready. Set. Go!  Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!  The retail price is $39.99 and is eligible for free super saving shipping.  At this time, there is no report of a pre-order bonus. It is

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Feedback

Now that we have had time to absorb the announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, what is your feedback?  Will you choose X or Y?  What Starter?