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Summon all the power-ups you can muster, Infendo: I’m attempting a marathon this weekend

For life insurance reasons, I starting running a couple of years ago. Nearing 30, I figured it would be a good way to defer the eventual kiss of death and help support the misses and koopa kids for as long

Off topic: who’s seeing Scott Pilgrim today?

For those of you that aren’t in the know, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a new Edgar Wright film based on the Scott Pilgrim comic book series. The series was heavily inspired by games like Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, River

Off-topic: Who’s excited for the World Cup?

WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Nintendo, let alone video games. Proceed with caution. Is anyone else stressing about how they’re gonna shirk work over the next month to watch as many World Cup games as possible? I

Mario Kart Wii used in High School drivers ed

Kotaku unearthed something interesting today: Vail Christian High School in Colorado has been using Mario Kart to teach students the dangers of driving while distracted.  Students are challenged to play Mario Kart Wii while sending and receiving text messages. “I

For the love of Lord Stanley, someone stop him

My friend Sidney Crosby Andy Marino is the king of NHL ’09. I watched in disbelief as he went undefeated last weekend against some of the best NHL ’09 players I know. Marino stifled offensive juggernauts and danced through the

Off topic: Who’s the better singer: Mark or Tom?

As one of the catchiest popular punk bands in history, I was stoked to learn of Blink-182’s regrouping and subsequent new album this summer. Dudes write fun riffs and I digg their playful style (especially during hot summers), even if