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Nintendo will need better casual games to continue their console war

As most of you have no doubt read, Nintendo President Satoru Iawta is concerned that the Wii is in an unhealthy state, and that it is urgent for Nintendo to recover sales momentum. This statement, coupled with recent numbers confirming

EA: Wii weaker than expected, needs more games

Last week we learned that Nintendo President of Japan Satoru Iwata felt the Wii is not in a “healthy” state and with the release of Electronic Art’s earning report yesterday it seems that EA, being the most prolific third party publisher

Best Of The Worst Wiimote Add-Ons

Ever since the Wii was released third party attachment and peripheral makers have been having a field day. If it’ll attach to your Wii remote, it’ll sell. If it’ll make you feel like the hero in the game while simultaneously

Cops Play Wii Sports During Drug Raid

Do you see those arms in the air? That is pure happiness. You’ve just finished locking up a drug dealer and are in the middle of raiding his home. How do you celebrate? A) Play Wii Sports Boxing to relieve