Super Mario Singing Star provides desktop invincibility

Tough day at the office? Boss on your back? Being overwhelmed by Goombas? Just need a break? Simply hit the button on the back of this Super Mario Bros. Singing Invincibility Star and sit back. You’ll be protected from harm as the Singing Star plays the Invincibility Theme from Super Mario Bros. and you become an office hero. The Singing Star goes for $18 at ThinkGeek.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – The Lost Tracks

What do you find when you go snooping around the Brawl game disk? Unused content is what! A track list of over 25 unused music files are included on the disk for no apparent reason. Check over here to see the list and download the batch. Thanks, Alucard

Super Mario Galaxy – Orchestral music video

-Composed by Koji Kondo I can’t help but be happy when I watch this clip. Why?, you ask? Because unlike Twilight Princess and Brawl, Galaxy will be completely orchestrated! To many this isn’t such a big deal, but to a musician such as myself, this is fantastic news!

Awesome Wii Sports and Vanilla Ice mashup

This, my friends, is most awesome.

Where has all the good video game music gone?

It’s not often one comes across good original video game music. The last memorable (and new) score I think I heard was Shadow of the Colossus from 2005… until today. Enter my new favorite (what I think is) orignal game music; the Dinner Dash: Sizzle & Serve theme for DS. While I can’t speak for the game (out tomorrow, preview here, and it sounds cool), the music is just bangi...