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At Least One DS Game is Enhanced by the 3DS’s Circle Pad

The 3DS’s circle pad actually works as an input for regular DS games. I’ve found that it’s bothersome to use it for games like Pokemon HeartGold, but it improves the control in Mario Kart DS. The circle pad is easily

Anyone else excited for Mario Kart 3DS?

No release date yet. But listen to what the game’s Wikidpedia profile has to say: Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the new sense of depth makes it clear where all the objects are. Gamespot, IGN and Computer and Video Games have

Review – Jam City Rollergirls is an impressive WiiWare accomplishment

The first thing that struck me about Frozen Codebase’s new WiiWare title, Jam City Rollergirls, is that they crammed a lot into the restrictive file size of the Wii Shop Channel. For a game that combines Mario Kart [racing and

Mario Kart RC racers battle with power-ups!

Dear everyone – get this for me for Christmas.  Yours, -David

A real HD version of Mario Kart

Or is it…?

Controversies stall would-be kart racers

Transportation isn’t a problem in the Mushroom Kingdom. Much of its citizenry is capable of self-propelled flight, while others can transform into flying raccoons or spurt wings from their caps. Rumor has it there are even flutists who can travel