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If this bullshot is real, it looks fantastic

New Zelda clone coming to iOS next year. The game, called Oceanhorn, is being made by an unknown Finnish developer. Still, provided they can get the animation and gameplay right, this could be a lot of fun—certainly something we may one day

More portable developers defecting from Nintendo

Here’s another sign that developers are doubting the 3DS’s future as a mobile gaming device: Long-time Nintendo second party developer Level-5 has announced they’ll start porting and/or shifting development to iOS devices. Ouch. Could this be one last hooray?

Angry Birds creator becoming kind of a dick

First off, I love Angry Birds! I check it for updates more actively than any of my other iOS apps, and I have both the original version and the candy-coated “holiday” versions—including V-Day, St. Pat’s Day, Xmas and Halloween. I

5 reasons Nintendo is not doomed

There’s been a lot of apocalyptic-sounding Nintendo doomsaying as of late around the net since the details of the 3DS launch were unleashed upon the world, resulting in angry fans venting online, plagues of locusts, gnashing of teeth, the opening