The myth of the hardcore gamer

Ok, OK. There are certainly hardcore gamers out there, but there’s a point to made in here somewhere. The point is that for Nintendo, the phrase “hardcore gamer” is about as relevant to their bottom line as tube socks. Microsoft themed tube socks. It’s irrelevant to Nintendo because I seriously doubt Reggie or Miyamoto or Iwata sit around big stuffy conference rooms sweatin...

Analyst says HDTV penetration not as good as expected

“Although the penetration of HD has been impressive, I believed, and was correct, that this penetration would not attain a level that could support the level of installed base of second-generation consoles which are non-HD. The Wii can be enjoyed on regular-resolution televisions without paying a premium,” said one analyst in speaking with News Factor on HDTV. So is Wii proof that the ...

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