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Wii Shop Channel Monday – Midnight Bowling, MadStone, Mario Golf, and Shining Force II

Wow, a double-double with Midnight Bowling and MadStone for WiiWare plus Mario Golf and Shining Force II for the Virtual Console.  Looks like a good week to be a gamer.  Anybody up for some slots golf with Mario? Full release

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Mega Man 9, PLÄTTCHEN twist ‘n’ paint, Super Dodge Ball, and Vectorman

So this week, not only do we get Mega Man 9, but Super Dodge Ball and the Genesis classic Vectorman are also for sale.  And who can resist a game with a title like PLÄTTCHEN?  Check full details after the

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Wild West Guns, Splatterhouse 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog (again)

It looks like even Capcom, Hudson, and SNK don’t know when Nintendo will put their games out for the Virtual Console. No Mega Man today and no Ys Book I & II or Samurai Shodown II either. Instead, we get

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Pirates: The Key Of Dreams, Super Fantasy Zone, and Gley Lancer

This week we get the WiiWare prequel to a DS game with Pirates: The Key Of Dreams and two side-scrolling Genesis shooters, Super Fantasy Zone, and Gley Lancer. Check out full descriptions after the break!

Retro Profile: Streets of Rage (Virtual Console- Sega Genesis)

If you wanted an enjoyable beat ’em up with a well composed soundtrack back in 1991, Streets of Rage was the game for you. Back then, the mere possibility of a Sega game ending up on a Nintendo console [without

Virtual Console Monday – River City Ransom & Phantasy Star III

This week we get a cult classic and the original “PS3”.  Check out the new titles available on the Wii Shop Channel today: River City Ransom – NES – 1989 – 500 Wii Points River City Ransom takes place in