Japanese hardware sales numbers

I beginning to think the Japanese are playing a big joke on the rest of us. The weekly hardware sales numbers are that ridiculous (the DS week after week!). This week is no different: 1. DSL – 146,073 – 902,411 – 8,325,7352. Wii – 65,740 – 524,928 – 1,444,5713. PSP – 31,216 – 270,938 – 4,803,0674. PS3 – 18,727 – 155,303 – 612,...

The Lost Games of the GameCube

IGN has a decent round-up of games that were announced and developed for the GameCube, but never released. I was definitely looking forward to DK Bongo Blast, the new Kirby game, and Pennant Chase Baseball (mostly because Papi was on the cover). With Super Paper Mario headed to Wii, do you think unreleased GameCube games still have a life on Nintendo’s last gen console or should they just ge...

What color do you rock?

Platinum, black, or cobalt?

The Best Controller…Ever

I believe the GameCube controller to be the most ergonomic controller ever. And because of that, combined with its excellent button placement, I deem it the best! Every time I pick one up, it just feels like I’m better prepared for the upcoming gaming experience. What do you think? Is it the best?