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Top 10 Things That Annoy Me About the Wii

Over the past two years the Wii, and by extension Nintendo, has enjoyed immense success. Massive sales, new avenues of consumer adoption, grannies boxing grannies, and soccer moms getting fit on a video game controller–it’s all here, and the impact

Your intelligence is “collecting dust”

You don’t have to like something to respect it. Sadly, many dedicated gamers seem set on drawing parallels. You see, there are two types of non-Wii gamers. Let’s call them John and Mike. Both like video games and have played

The Wii Fit Balance Board is a console

“I have an idea for an Infendo post you should do…” — Sean Malstrom And so began this simple post on an extraordinary idea. Perhaps a bit crazy too, but then again all disruptive technologies are labeled as such before

Tell us what you really think, Epic Games

Epic Games doesn’t like Wii. Here’s what president Mike Capps had to say in a gang-bang interview with IGN. “Pffffffffft…[when asked by reporter Nate Ahearn what the chief officer thought of Wii, to which Ahearn replied, “I think the same

Infendo Radio inspires feature articles

As long-time Infendo Radio listeners have come to know, Scott, Kyle, and myself are no fans of lengthy video game names, especially ones with silly subtitles. I began to notice their increase with each subsequent podcast, which regularly profiles the

The problem with video game marketing today

Here is a recent promotional line taken from a 2K print advert for Top Spin 3, a game I’m particularly excited for excluding the below reason: Evolutionary Visualsâ„¢ (Apparently, 2K owns the trademark on better graphics) – Watch in real