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EA still struggles on Nintendo consoles

Case in point: Tiger Woods will not be coming to Wii this year. This isn’t the first time EA has discontinued support for Nintendo. In fact, EA has largely had an unproductive relationship with Nintendo since the 16-bit wars, opting

The EA e3 press conference, what does it all mean to the average Nintendo fan?

EA has given their press conference, and boy was it a doozie. Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and a new Insomniac title were all shown, but as a Nintendo console owner, what does it all mean to you? No mention of

So, yeah, this is a real thing that happened

My brain hurts. I thought stuff like this had died out in the great Wii plastic accessory add-on extinction level event of 2009. Oh, how wrong I was. Just $50 if you act now.

EA: Wii weaker than expected, needs more games

Last week we learned that Nintendo President of Japan Satoru Iwata felt the Wii is not in a “healthy” state and with the release of Electronic Art’s earning report yesterday it seems that EA, being the most prolific third party publisher

EA’s Zwerling: Lack of online in MySims Wii “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end”

Electronic Arts charmed Nintendo fans last year with MySims, a cute new Sims spin-off franchise focused on building and construction. The problem? No online. The reason? According to EA’s Erik Zwerling, MySims’ lack of online was “more of a Nintendo

Steady sales help Boom Blox beat anti-hype

Boom Blox failed the midterm, but it just might pass the final. Sales tracking Web site VGChartz is reporting Boom Blox, Electronic Arts’ critically acclaimed Wii exclusive, has sold approximately 250K copies worldwide in its first two months on store