Classic Commercials

The most Risque Nintendo commercial ever

What you are about to see is by far one of the most risque Nintendo commercials ever released on TV. It was released for one of the most notorious mature rated N64 games, that was developed by Rare. I have to say you will never see a commercial like this on TV again with Nintendo logo following suit after.

Classic Commercials – Tetris

Oh snap! “Put a piece here! Put a piece there!”

Classic Commercials: Punch-Out!! – Japan

Maybe bring this franchise back from the dead isn’t such a great idea…at least not the advertising.

Classic Commercials – Yoshi

Classic Commercials – Star Fox 64 – Japan

Japanese gamers sure love their rumble packs.

Classic Commercials – N64 Games Price Drop

Wow. I think I just glimpsed a little bit of Nintendo’s dark side.

Classic Commercials – Mario Superstar Baseball

Some of Nintendo’s finest advertising came during the Gamecube generation. Not a bad set of TV ads here.