Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST now available on YouTube


Video game soundtrack audiophiles, rejoice! The rest of this beautiful score can be found here.


  1. Less orchestra and more chiptunes, please.

  2. @raindog469

    The orchestra makes it ten times better for me, I LOVE them.

  3. now i just need to find a place to download it so i can put it my ipod <3 it!!!

  4. the music was a huge part of why I loved the first one. it just makes that much more immersive and fits that atmosphere and more 21st century


    That might help if you want the soundtrack in MP3s. You can only convert 5 vids a day though…

  6. Yowza. I still haven’t found the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack yet. :/ I’ll find that b4 I get this soundtrack…


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  7. Ignore the above “look at my links” line.

  8. Need to find the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CDs, and then find the one for the sequel.

  9. PC users, if you use DVD Video Soft, you can rip audio from YouTube into MP3 format.

    *The More You Know!*

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