Slimy nunchuk control stick?


Sorry if this grosses you out. I think I’m more disgusted than any of you, though. I’ve noticed that if I don’t use my Nunchuk for a few weeks, the control stick builds up some seriously nasty slime. I never eat when I play video games and I don’t smoke. What’s more, I’m kind of a germaphobe, so I wash my hands A LOT. That includes before and after I touch video game controllers. What could possibly be the cause of this?

Does anyone else have this problem?


  1. Do you “wash” your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, by any chance? I wash my hands probably more than is healthy too, don’t use hand sanitizer, haven’t touched my Wii nunchuk
    in a couple weeks, and no slime — but my nunchuk is a Nyko knockoff. (Say that ten times fast.)

  2. I´ve got the same problem and it wonders me again and again.

  3. I thought that happened to mine when I left them in the sunlight that came through the windows of the Family Room.

    Maybe it brings out the oils that were left there from your skin?

  4. Mine is slightly orange. #cheetosbinge

  5. Yeah, it’s probably something to do with the oils on your hands.

  6. *barf* …i dunno but that’s grass ya big skank.

  7. I think it’s a reaction with the oils in your hands, and the chemicals used in the silicone. (Or whatever the heck that is on the nuchuck.)

  8. I think you might have them darn Parasites or some type of micro-organism on that darn thing. You might want to try contacting Nintendo and asking why it is that this is happening and see if they’re replace your nunchuck or look into it.

  9. Maybe it is because you just washed your hands before you play. There is is this strange phenomenomnomnom that you have more bacteria on your hands AFTER you wash them, they are good bacteria though. Your skin needs to produce some more oil/greasy stuff than it normally would after you washed that all off (turning pages is harder when you just washed your hands) Perhaps that newly made oil/grease sticks reacts with the silicon from the nunchuck

  10. Mines not slimy, but has yellowed slightly. Stands out in comparison to the controller shell.
    It’s weird that you say its a result of NOT using it. I’d have quickly called it skin oils. Do you have AC, humidity? I have my setup in the basement and I turn the dehumidifier off when I play to cut down on excess noise, sometimes I forget to turn it back on, but I never notice it feels excessively humid down there, though my wife swears she can tell. I don’t know, maybe a possible cause.

    As an aside, does anyone else miss the concentric rings on the Gamecube controller thumbstick? Those were better in my opinion. Also, they haven’t yellowed, of course, that may just be less noticeable because they don’t have white shells.

  11. This is strange, I was just thinking right before I saw this post, about how nice and clean my nunchuck control stick was. Mine does not have this issue at all.

  12. Never happened to me and I’ve had them since launch. Maybe you’re using some handcream that leaves a small residue?

  13. My nunchuks are slime free, but I have it on my Gamecube pads. It’s the plastic softeners (what give the plastic its “rubbery” feel) seeping out. It easily comes off with a damp cloth or kitchen towel, though.

  14. Happend to my nunchucks even my spare xbox controller that was left in the sun. It has to do with the sun, and oils in your hands.

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