Seven new Pokemon revealed in Japanese magazine

Chramii (mouse-like)
Normal type
4m tall
5.8 kg
Cute Charm + Technician + Sweep Slap abilities
Sweet Slap hits another Pokemon a few times in a row

Munna (pig-like)

.6 m tall
Forewarn + Synchronise + Telekinesis abilities
Enemies float in the air when Telekinesis is used


.3m tall
21 kg
Plus + Minus + Gear Saucer abilities
Hit an opponent numerous times with Gear Saucer

Mamepato (bird-like)

.3m tall
2.1 kg
Super Luck + Pigeon Heart abilities
If Pigeon Heart is used, defense will not be lowered

Hihidaruma (ape-like)

1.3m tall
92.9 kg
Encourage ability

Shimama (zebra-like)

.8m tall
29.8 kg
Lightning Rod + Motor Drive + Wild Bolt abilities
Both Pokemon take damage with Wild Bolt

Meguroko (crocodile-like)

Ground-type, dark-type
.7m tall
15.2 kg
Intimidate + Earthquake Spiral abilities
Attack goes up if Earthquake Spiral is used and an opponent is defeated

via Nintendo Everything via CoroCoro