Punch-Out!! Wii – GDC 2009 Trailer


I’m drowning in nostalgia.


  1. Same here; this sure brings back the memories! This is one game I fully intend to pick up when it comes out. Took them long enough though.

  2. I got goosebumps just watching that trailer.

  3. Meh…

    After the awesome sequel that Super Punch Out was, this doesn’t appear to be doing too much. It looks very very basic and stripped down. Additionally, I’m not feeling the little birdies and the Disco Kid. Really? Disco Kid? They could have at least done Disco Stu, Disco Kid is utterly generic and 20 years too late.

  4. Looks like loads of fun. I’ll be picking this up day one.

  5. I am down with the sickness.

  6. @DaveRage:

    Wow, you were able to see all of the features and gameplay mechanics in that trailer? Maybe I have to watch it again… it must show more if you watch the high-quality version.

    Also, they couldn’t have done Disco Stu. Because that’s a copyrighted character.

    Also, every character in Punch-Out!! is generic and stereotypical. That’s the point.

  7. The characters animate really nicely.

    The whole thing looks kinda weird, though. Un-Nintendoy art direction. Oh well. Looks fun but I hope they did something to make up for the simple two button gameplay!

  8. How can anyone who loved punchout and super punchout watch this trailer and have a big stipid grin on there face?

    -The animation is smooth and fluid
    -The art style is fantastic (remember this is punch out, not fight night)
    -the fast paced gameplay seems to be there
    -dig the new affects (birdies, star flashes, zoom-ins, etc.)

    I just hope it controls well with motion (I already know that it should control fine with the classic option.)

    Day one.

  9. *how can you NOT grin?

  10. Yes, my God, yes.

  11. “How can anyone who loved punchout and super punchout watch this trailer and have a big stipid grin on there face?”

    Easy answer: They have a long-standing M.O.

    Everyone else just sit back and enjoy the trailer.

  12. That was pretty sweet, I’m gonna have the music stuck in my head for the rest of the night

  13. OMG! This is so awesome!
    (Prior to) first day purchase!

  14. Some people settle for slops, some people settle for excellence.


    He was always my favorite.

  16. Oh, God. The tears of joy. So, happy tears flowed down my bearded cheeks.

  17. this game excites me in so many different parts of my body

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