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Quality Counts

PC Watch’s recent demolition of the Gameboy Micro is very insightful. From Engadget’s translation: “Nintendo has paid attention to detail in many of the aspects of the device’s construction, such as its overall solid structure, detailed electrical work, and small touches such as stoppers that prevent screws from becoming loose.” Given the recent recalls of Xbox and PS2 ad...

Tennis Anyone?

So I just got done watching Agassi beat James Blake in a killer 5 set match at the US Open. And I began to wonder: How come Nintendo systems are lacking when it comes to simulation tennis titles? Sure we got the always fun Mario titles (with Tennis Advance coming out next month), but it seems like the Xbox and PS2 have had some really good ones. And the Xbox 360 has the wicked good looking Top Spi...

RE5 Teaser Trailer

IGN has posted a new teaser trailer for RE5. It would be a shame for this not to make it’s way to the Revolution. RE4 was such a great game and I only expect the next installment to be just as good. Hopefully for Nintendo gamers, a later announcement will take place. Watch Now!

Lessons Learned from CD-i

Back in the mid ’90’s, CD-i wanted to become the in-home media center: music, movies, and games. Granted lack of games was a killer, but it has been reported that the company realized it needed to focus on games if it were to succeed, but it was too late. They went out in 1996. Is PS3 and Xbox taking the same route in trying to become the all-in-one home media center? Granted I’m...

News Speed

As if TV news couldn’t get any slower, I just got done watching a CNN report on violent video games while showing footage from the original Mortal Kombat and Wolfenstein 3D games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s almost 13 years old! Some news… And when will we ever end this violent video game debate?