Okami confirmed for Wii

okami symbolCapcom announced at their event in London that Okami will be coming to the Wii. Developed by Clover Studios, Okami is the wildly popular PS2, action, adventure title which received many Game of the Year awards for 2006. The title is best known for a beautiful cel-shaded art style, addicting gameplay mechanics, and a in depth story worthy of the likes of Zelda. Other few details from the London event included using the Wii remote as the Celestial Brush, and some waggle will be used for combat. There is also a possibility for a 480p and widescreen upgrade, but no official info has been released. Over all this is a PS2 title that is worthy to be “ported” to the Wii. Okami Wii is planned for an early 2008 release.