Nintendo plays favorites: picks Wii over DS

e3wiivsds.jpgIt has been a great week at E3, with tons of awesome games coming out and competition rising. Watching it from the safety of my couch, I was thoroughly satisfied with each of the press conferences. Microsoft is coming out with some impressive games, Sony showed us a redesign of the PSP, and Nintendo has finally given us announcements of release dates with some superior titles coming out. But Nintendo has left me with some questions and thoughts.

First off, with set release dates for the highly anticipated games like Metroid, Mario Galaxy, and Smash Bros. Brawl, they have left the hard core gamers feeling less forgotten. But the real question will be, will Nintendo keep developing hard core games for them? With the teaser of Wii Fit, they still seemed mostly focused on enticing more people into gaming. Gamers having to wait since Twilight Princess for some response to the hunger for seriously deep first party games, I feel as they may not want to wait that long again. So, will Nintendo keep pumping out great games for the gamers, or keep trying to increase the gamer population?

With the batch of new Wii games talked about at the conference, there was almost no DS talk. With just a spurt of hand held joy, they are putting all faith into the Wii. With the success of the Wii still skyrocketing, even seven months into production, Nintendo left the DS in the dust at E3. Already having a solid hand held, and beyond comparison of any competition in the hand held market, they shouldn’t bet all their money on the Wii.

After their big show at E3, is Nintendo placing too much faith in Wii and leaving the DS behind?