New Zelda Spirit Tracks trailer is all about the choo-choos *Spoiler Warning*


I think we can all agree this Zelda has a chance as long as that blasted ‘Temple of the Ocean King’ is long gone. Thoughts?



  1. A boss with alternating fire and ice attacks? How novel!

    In all seriousness though, this has actually piqued my interest. While any Zelda is reason to get excited, especially a Wind Waker-y one, I admit that Spirit Tracks has been fairly meh in its buildup. But this new revelation with Zelda is interesting, and kinda funny. And now the title makes alot more sense.

  2. I didn’t watch the video ’cause I don’t like spoilers, but I think most can agree, this game has a chance as long as it has ‘Zelda’ is in the title.

    Can’t wait till December 11th, I have a preorder on the collector’s version that comes in a tin case. It’ll hopefully keep me busy until Christmas, as long as it’s not a stupidly small game

  3. Ah.. so Link does have his conductor suit ..
    how cute heheh 🙂

  4. What da fak??


  5. As long as Zelda doesn’t yell “WAIT! LISTEN!!!”

  6. Zelda reminded me of a gypsy for some reason.

  7. Yeah, this actually looks pretty good! Looks like some good puzzling possibilities. I kinda hope they throw in another version of the online multiplayer game they included with the last DS Zelda, I recall it being a lot of fun!

    Also, on an unrelated note, the whole train thing kinda makes me feel like a steampunk Zelda would be kinda cool… just sayin…

  8. @ Rabbitduck

    I have actually been wondering for a while; how techno-modernised would they/could they make Zelda. I don’t think Link would fit in in Midgar (having said that it really might be workable considering Chrono Trigger), but certainly some type of steam punk, or ancient advanced technology might make a really awesome story/setting shift.

    In fact considering the presence of the scientist in OoT, the astronomer in Majora’s mask, and the entire Ooccoo society, I would suggest Nintendo are not averse to modernity and have very much been considering this. They’re also clearly have no problems with time and dimensional travel. I’m rather hoping this may be the case, but of course it still has to come back to hyrule…or does it?

  9. I don’t recall Zelda being in any of the other Spirit Tracks trailers – THAT is something that is interesting to me, much moreso than what I thought mostly boiled down to was the boat being replaced by a train.

    Having Zelda possessing enemies is a very cool idea, I sense there could be a little bit of Four Swords-ishness here (albeit with two characters that you control) which is fine by me.

    This is really the first time so far that I’ve actually be interested in Spirit Tracks, as until today I was a little worried for the franchise based on what little excitement and fanfare there has been for this title.

  10. Yeah, I saw GTTV last night, too. Anyone catch Reggie mention the “one tower” where Link and his phantom friend must work their way through? I may have misheard, but I got flashbacks of that Temple of the Ocean King, over and over again. Can Nintendo really be stupid enough to implement the most hated game mechanic from PH into the sequel?

  11. Hmmm, the Phantom just piqued my interest. I wasn’t really looking forward to Spirit Tracks (It just seems so…wrong…!) but now, I think maybe I might put that aside. The story seems to be interesting, too, so I think I have a new-found interest in this game.

  12. All I have to say is WHOOAA!! I never thought you would have it in a Legend Of Zelda game, especially Spirit Tracks where you have Princess Zelda as a spirit following Link around helping him in dungeons and other areas almost like a Navi. That and the way how she controls one of the Phantoms to have them help you out as like a type of bodyguard or security in the dungeon. Very nice. To me, the story just got a bit more interesting.

  13. in the spirt tracks there is a glicth. that can freeze the game if a crow is flying away from you it will cause your screen to go black and you have to restart your system.

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