Netflix arrives on Wii Spring 2010

It’s official! The New York Times revealed today that Netflix will be bringing their online media streaming service to the Nintendo Wii this spring.

The Wii has had only minimal video material, but it will take a big step forward in this regard with Netflix, when the Wii adds the service this spring. Wii owners with a broadband Internet connection who have at least a $9-a-month subscription to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service will be able to use the online service at no additional cost.

But Wii owners will need to receive a free software disc in the mail from Netflix and put it into their console when they want to watch a movie, as on the PS3.

Obviously the Wii’s maximum resolution of 480p holds users back from watching high definision streaming, but everything will still be available in standard SD format. *cough* WiiHD *cough*

Excited, or does you’re Xbox 360/PS3/PC already take care of your movie streaming needs?