Netflix arrives on Wii Spring 2010


It’s official! The New York Times revealed today that Netflix will be bringing their online media streaming service to the Nintendo Wii this spring.

The Wii has had only minimal video material, but it will take a big step forward in this regard with Netflix, when the Wii adds the service this spring. Wii owners with a broadband Internet connection who have at least a $9-a-month subscription to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service will be able to use the online service at no additional cost.

But Wii owners will need to receive a free software disc in the mail from Netflix and put it into their console when they want to watch a movie, as on the PS3.

Obviously the Wii’s maximum resolution of 480p holds users back from watching high definision streaming, but everything will still be available in standard SD format. *cough* WiiHD *cough*

Excited, or does you’re Xbox 360/PS3/PC already take care of your movie streaming needs?


  1. First, this will probably be not in Europe.

    Secondly, too little too late… I’ve got an Xbox as well and (although the movies offered are few and mostly bad over here) their service (Zune) works great.
    In HD. And IF WiiHD is coming, I’m not really sure I will get it…

    So no, not excited at all.

  2. I have an xbox and hope to get a PS3, heck I even have a PC… But the WII is what is hooked up to my TV. That is where I’d love to sit back and watch Hulu and Netflix on. So I find this very cool and very welcome. Remember that there are many more wii’s out there then xbox 360’s and PS3’s…

  3. Wow, talk about just a little too late. I’m buying a Sony Blu-ray player that can stream Netflix and a bunch of other media sources. I’ll probably still get the Wii disc to see what it’s like. I’m not too hopeful, though, considering the YouTube quality clips on the Nintendo Channel will occasionally stutter a lot.

  4. this is great news!

    i have a ps3 with netflix and i still think this is awesome!

    now i can stream movies from any room in the house!

  5. All I got to say is… meh.

  6. Since you already gotta be a Netflix subscriber, I suppose it won’t be coming to Brasil, so I really don’t care.

  7. I already stream Netflix and Hulu through my Wii with PlayOn ( A native Netflix solution will be nice though. I will still use PlayOn for Hulu and Cartoon Network.

  8. I’m hoping the disc isn’t region locked so it works on my Japanese Wii but I don’t have my hopes up. I’ve got a PC hooked up to my TV so it doesn’t really matter either way.

    As far as the Wii HD… unless Nintendo is going to replace all my games with Hi-Def versions for free or a very nominal charge can’t say I’m interested. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be available from the start and done properly.

  9. Although I JUST got a ps3 and xbox, and i’m successfully streaming netflix on both of them, i’m pretty excited about Wii netflix! My connection isn’t fast enough for HD to mean anything to me – but what’s most important to me is that it means I can reclaim my ps3 from my girlfriend’s house! Since i’m not using it right now, it’s “living” at her house so she can use it to watch Netflix over Wifi – and I’d like to bring it home for a few exclusives i’ve been wanting to play – but I promised her I wouldn’t take her netflix away in the process – so I’d have to lend her the Xbox – AND find a way to get it an internet connection in a room with no Ethernet.

    This solves my poblem – she has her own Wii.

    I’m also really excited about the menu – the ps3 disc seems to be a blu-ray with internet connectivity, making for a somewhat sluggish menu – Will the Wii menu be better, as it will have to boot up as a “game?” I’m excited to find out.

  10. I would excited if I had Netflix, but since I don’t it really doesn’t matter to be at the moment. But very cool nonetheless.

  11. Fuk yeah Fuk yeah Fuk yeah Fuk yeah Fuk yeah!

  12. great news for wii owners. i stream all the time on my 360.wonder why it took so much longer to get to the wii…?

    also coolabout the 360- i can play movies off flash drives. i feel like all systems should be able to do that.

  13. It took long because Nintendo isnt Microsoft or Sony. They wait for a good deal.

  14. I am not sure why anyone is complaining or whining that it is too little too late. They are adding value to a system you either already have or may buy in the future and not charging for it. I already have a blu-ray player that streams netflix but that doesn’t mean that i am upset that it is just coming out for the wii. I bought a “video game counsel” to actually play video games. I know it is a weird concept. I never understood complaining about something that only can benefit you. If you don’t use it that is fine but don’t complain that it took too long. Obviously it wasn’t a deal breaker for you since you already bought a wii.

  15. This is great! Except… It’s not permitted in Canada… Unless Netflix manages to solve the problem that disallows 30 million consumers from accessing their content this isn’t gonna excite me.

    Oh, and Mexico can’t do it either. So make that number 130 million. Oh and no Europe either. Make that closer to 860 million.

    What on earth is holding Netflix back?

  16. I watch netflix on demand through my pc, which is also my main tv and EVERYTHING! I’d still use this. They are giving the discs away for free, and I still mainly watch dvd’s through my PS2. I like clarity, but I don’t care too much for high resolutions if it’s not for a video game. I sit at a distance that makes most high-def content pretty negligible anyway.

    I wish it could be provided through a channel, that’d be my ideal way to use NetFlix on the Wii. It shouldn’t have to compete with whatever I’m curently playing for a place to sit.

  17. Licensing. Different people own different content in some lands. They’d also need to deal with whatever regulations other places have in place. Not a real issue, it’ll most likely take time. Plus they do have major competitors to plan against. BBC Player competes against more than just Hulu. It’d be sweet if Hulu streamed through the Wii officially. It ahs no costs at all to Nintendo’s customers, so i don’t see why Nintendo hasn’t courted them at all.

  18. I was about to say that it’s a little too late for me since I got a PS3 for Christmas, but then ECC mentioned the ability to have Netflix in more than one room. I was planning to move the Wii to the bedroom anyway, so I’m all set.


  20. The reason I don’t like Netflix on the 360 is because you need a gold subscription to use it. If the disc is free on the Wii than I would much rather use that.

  21. We don’t have netfix in Canada, EH?

    Besides, I already have the X-box 360 for upscaled DVD viewing, also the Zune 1080p movie downloads which are MUCH better in picture quality and sound than the Wii’s little processor and internet abilities could even dream of.

    But, for those who are excited, cool, enjoy !

  22. I hope DVD playability is next in store for the wii. I would really like to have the ability to store, or back up DVD movies on my wii. I know that the wii is taxed for memory, but maybe Nintendo will allow a hard drive to be played off the dual USB ports in the back of the console that will allow adequate storage.

    I like the idea of playing movies off the wii, but I would prefer to just buy them and store them as wii channels. Perhaps netflix will allow this to happen once the service gets off of the ground. Although I will never understand why Nintendo did not include movie play back in the first place.

    What about paymnet? How will we be able to buy the movies? I am speculating that it will be similar to how we pay for the games on the virtual console, except these will Netflix points.

    Lastly, is there some kind of adapter that could be plugged into the wii TV cord plug that colud convert the standard definition video generated from the wii into high definition?

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