Miyamoto checks out the Kinect

He doesn’t seem very impressed. Neither does translator Bill Trinen. A picture is worth a thousand hateful words.

via Gizmodo


  1. What’s tiger woods doing behind Miyamoto. 😉

  2. P-p-p-pokerface.

  3. Will, you know darn well that’s the Amazing JC Rodrigo.

  4. Looks more like he is very tired from the time zone differences that he is used to in Japan, along with all the work he has been putting into e3 this week,
    But yeah, you can always say he is ” not impressed” , if it gets more fan-boy attention. lol

  5. *start spy chase scene…*

  6. Oh yeah it’s ON, now.

  7. he looks pissed that he didnt think of it lol

  8. “he looks pissed that he didnt think of it lol”

    Yeah. Because Microsoft are the real innovators here. No way did they steal Nintendo’s ideas about motion control, rather than the other way around.

    btw, the guy demoing the Kinect looks like he’s doing a bunch of douchey jumping jacks. Sorry, but I don’t want to look like that while playing games.

  9. The Miyamoto is not amused.

  10. Looks more like he can’t figure out if the two guys in front of him are trying to one up his controller, or in the worst dance off ever.

    Miyamoto: So, their next control scheme after our “Waggle-fest” requires you acting like a madman? Pass…

  11. @Zachs Kappler
    I dub it the “spaz-fest.”
    And people will actually pay extra money for it too…

  12. Miyamoto: This sets a the bar for all-time lows! XD

  13. the guys playing with the microsoft thing look pretty stupid. if i was there i would laugh until i popped a blood vessel.

  14. microsoft took this way too far. Lol people were on the edge of moving around when the wii was introduced, now this…. you actually do have to move around. nty i’ll pass!

  15. ummm….rofl
    when the greatest game designer we will ever know has a look of such disdain, then you know its dumb. but then again you don’t need him to show you that, the thing looks god-awful. poorly made, a mimic, way too expensive for people to want to buy and too expensive for developers to want to make games for it. all-in-all, a semi-good idea just horrendously executed.

  16. Oh how i’ve missed the console wars…

  17. He looks pissed that microsoft is getting a lot of great critizism and praise for something that they werent the first to do. The funny thing is nintendo doesnt copy. You arent going to see an announcement at all about WiiSee or what have you from nintendo where its the same idea as microsoft kinect.

  18. @ Fairlady Z

    well sarcasm aside,

    of course nintendo are the innovators of games, but fair play to Microsoft doing something which requires no controller and at least something different, and a near flawless online service which in its own way is an innovation (gay you have to pay) compared to sony who just made a better wii remote. i think that these could really damage wii sales and look like they could be alota fun to play. but im confidant in nintendo to bring something no one was expecting out and have done yet for the wii 2. just my opinion, but who knows? it may be to late.

    but all that aside nintendo are and will always be the ones that change how you play every time, and the others will be just doing catch up, like the joystick rumble ,motion and 3d and others which i cant remember haha =)

  19. Miyamoto is like “…..wtf is that…?”

  20. The Shig says: “Really, wow. I know that imitation is the purest form of flattery, but this is just insulting. Sony has a better device than this (but still not as cool or awesome as the Wii remote).”

  21. i take back everything i said, after reading a few articles about how the ps move and kinnect play, they are not all that great. wont no till i play them though.

  22. TENSO.

  23. Mario, on the bag (just behind) is looking on too!

  24. No surprise…

    It´s the face of someone who already see something alike. Nintendo said they already tested camera based motion control schemes so, there´s nothing more to say about.

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