Mario Strikers Charged – Dirty Tricks Vol. 1

Wall-luigi!So, you’ve had Mario Strikers: Charged for about a week now, and you’re still getting trounced online. I’ll admit to having barely touched the single-player portion of this game, but here are a few cheap tricks I picked up in between my beatings.


Charge and fire a shot at the goalie to earn yourself an item. If it happens to be delicious tropical fruit, build your captain a modest banana fort in the corner and take your time setting up your shot. Extra points if your opponent disconnects right after you land all 6!

Trick #2: The HAMMER TIME maneuver!

This isn’t really a trick per se, but the game never really explains how to set up a shot like this; Use your dodge with a Hammer Bro while you have possession of the ball to knock out the defenders, then line yourself up about 2-3 character lengths from the goalie box and hold down the fire button to pull off this instant goal. This shot in particular takes a while to charge, so make sure you give yourself enough breathing room first.

Trick #3: The TREE FORT maneuver!

Waluigi is seriously underrated in my opinion. On top of being one of the fastest characters in the game, his special move can be used both as a speed boost AND a protective fort anywhere on the court! It’s pretty much the same trick as the banana, only it’s a little harder to pull off and can be done in a lot more places.

Now go out there and make the Infendo readership proud!