Iwata Asks: Mario Kart Wii

Iwata MKWii

Iwata is back! This time interviewing Kenichiro Ashida (lead of Wii Wheel project), Hideki Konno (producer), and master, Shigeru Miyamoto (General Producer) for their most recent game, Mario Kart Wii. They jabber on about everything under the sun concerning the MKWii development process including Wii Wheel prototypes, online ranking, understanding Nintendo’s “bridge” titles, why MKWii has motorbikes, and so on. One interesting question brought up was the advantages of the Wii Wheel control scheme vs veteran Gamecube controls.

Konno: “… we came up with a way of addressing that. We provided an incentive for using the Wii Wheel. When you battle someone you don’t know, and in the rankings as well, a Wii Wheel icon appears to the right of your nickname on the screen.”

Miyamoto: “When someone using the GameCube controller gets passed by someone with the Wii Wheel icon, they’re really chagrined. But just like with the Mii Contest Channel for contests, where the number of parts for faces are limited, it’s more fun when there are restraints. When you can get a great time using the wheel, you’ve got a lot of bragging rights.”

Be sure to click over to Wii.com to check out the full interview. Japan and Europe get Mario Kart on April 10th and 11th while US gamers have to wait for April 27th (at least we have Brawl). Personally, I will be using the GC controller all the way. Don’t get me wrong, motion controls are neat and all, but steering with the remote has yet to be “nailed”.

What Mario Kart Wii control scheme will you be using? Wii Wheel, Remote with Nunchuk, Gamecube, or Classic pad?