Infendo’s E3 2009 predictions

Another summer begins thus spawning another E3. For Nintendo fans this event is the super bowl of gaming. Unfortunately our past two E3 experiences have not been quite enjoyable (see “broken wrist”), but as always here at the Infendo headquarters we have faith in a promising press conference that bears some substantial fruit.

Here’s what our staff members predict to see from Nintendo at this year’s E3 2009.



1. Pikmin 3 is officially announced for the Wii. Includes Wifi multiplayer and is the best looking title on the Wii.
2. Retro Studios reveals their megaton project. Rocks the house. Could be the rumored Metroid Dread.
3. Wii Sports Resort is fully unveiled. Used to promote the summer games line-up.
4. Towards the middle/end of the conference a huge title is teased for the Wii. It is either Zelda (please!), Mario, or Kid Icarus. One of these is utilizing MotionPlus.
5. Portable Virtual Console is announced for late 2009/early 2010. Enables you to download GB, GBC, GBA, and even Game Gear titles straight to your DSi.
6. Red Steel 2 is presented at the show in full MotionPlus glory.
7. Cammie Dunaway jokes at her performance at E3 2008, but digs a larger grave by embarrassing herself as well as the Nintendo community. Breaks her own wrist to create conversation.
8. Major Wiiware titles announced.



1. Wii Sports Resort full reveal — all games, modes, some special features, etc
2. Keynote features “core” games like Conduit; also, demos of Tiger Woods and the tennis titles (bonus prediction: Tiger Woods himself is involved somehow)
3. Wii Fit Plus revealed in full
4. Game Boy line added to DSiWare store
5. Major reach: Franchise game(s) (zelda) revealed in teaser form. This is a reach because Nintendo is notorious for not revealing major games like this at E3.
6. Wii MotionPlus is going to be everywhere
7. At least three new games that feature MotionPlus or are entirely dependent on the tech (and will be bundles for $50-$60)
8. Cammie Dunaway will be awkward in some way. Will then joke about how awkward she is, thereby taking the whole thing to an entirely new level of awkward



I think Michael Pachter is wrong’Nintendo doesn’t “have to do” anything at E3 this year. In fact, the company could trot its highest-profile executives out on stage one at a time to flip-off the crowd, and despite the venomous criticism we’d levy, they would still sell a billion games, consoles and stupid peripherals from now until Christmas.

Nintendo isn’t dumb. They’re well aware of how little they have to do to make a profit these days, and they’re even more aware of the wide canyon that exists between industry logic and what works for them.
Translation? Don’t get too excited about E3.

Expect plenty of casual fare for the Wii Fit crowd’it’s difficult to imagine a Wii Fit sequel and Wii Sports Resort not having starring roles in Nintendo’s E3 presser. Along with Cammie Dunaway.

The Nintendo of five years ago, which would blow the lid off E3 with epic announcements and plenty of traditional software, is gone. That said, I do expect more hardcore-focused titles this year’Pikmin 3 is likely, and while I doubt we’ll see both Mario and Zelda show up so soon after their last outings, a trailer for one could be possible.

Or Nintendo could shock the world. We’ll know soon enough.



1. Reggie Turns into the Hulk and smashes Sony’s Booth
2. They announce Mother Compilation for the Nintendo DS
3. Stafy is the New Kirby.
4. The Legend of Zelda for the Wii
5. Pikmin 3 incorporates the DSi
6. Cammy Falls off stage while talking about her pets
7. Punch Out for the DS is announced by Little Mac
8. Smash Bros DS with Wifi



1. Peripheral add-on to the Wii that allows streaming video a la Apple TV or Roku for on demand entertainment. Plug it into your Wii and a new channel appears on your Wii menu.
2. OR plug your Wii into it. The device has new outputs to your TV (component? HDMI?) and does a 720p upscale conversion. Call it Wii HD Lite.


While fighting at the Infendo HQ over what exactly Nintendo will announce next week we came to one agreed prediction. One way or another Miyamoto WILL ride out onto the stage in a train along with a cosplay Link conducting the locomotive. Jack then speculates Miyamoto will shout “Canceled! HAHAHA. Here’s a real Zelda title, with nary a train in sight!” Sadly we are introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Wii Music Edition in which as Will put it “USE THE Wii MOTE AS THE VIOLIN AND THE NUNCHUCK AS THE VIOLIN’S BOW!” We are to then shout “Wow! That’s Intuitive and clever! Here’s my money!”

That’s what we think”¦how about you? What do you expect to be announced? Will Nintendo make up for their two year casual market streak by revealing a diverse software line-up, or will we see another three days of soccer mom’s greatest hits? Comment below!