Infendo Throw Down – Best Super Nintendo RPG?


Sigh…Super Nintendo…you have graced our sore thumbs with a plethora of role playing games that hold ground almost 20 years later. It’s time to battle, fellow Nintendo fans! Throw down your favorite SNES RPG.


34 Responses to Infendo Throw Down – Best Super Nintendo RPG?

  1. Joshdad says:

    FFVI followed closely by Chrono Trigger. Hard choice, but I would have to give the nod to FFVI. But both games are so incredibly good.

  2. Jake Barber says:

    Either Earthbound or Final Fantasy VI.

  3. Flecko_ says:

    Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG.

  4. Arutoa says:

    Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and EarthBound. I can’t decide which, but I know it’s one of those three.

  5. Mr.cranky says:

    Even though its the worst final fantasy ever made, but final fantasy: mystic quest the most important snes rpg to me. Being 7 when it came out, i didnt know better. I didnt notice the lazy half assed story, or stupid names for places like level forest. It was my entry into the rpg genre. I probally wouldnt of been blessed by earthbound in 95. Probally would of ignored it and stuck with action games.

  6. Sykil says:

    Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound… just too epic to choose just one.

  7. Mr.cranky says:

    Im still waiting for someone to invent the pencil eraser. Who wouldnt wana have a device that erases objects that look like pencils!?

  8. Greg in PA says:

    unfortunately i never played Super Mario RPG but even if i did i think it would be hard to beat Final fantasy IV, for my money its the best FF ever and the beast game on SNES period just nudging out super Metroid

  9. Geoff says:

    Final Fantasy VI, amazing story filled with failure, suicide, loss, love, and success. Wonderful game.

    As with others though I must give a big shout out to Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, and Chrono Trigger. All great games, too bad Square now spends years and millions to make us watch videos instead of play interactive stories.

  10. Awol says:

    Super Mario RPG. Duh.

  11. srkelley says:

    I second and third Awol.

  12. Stuu_it says:

    Chrono Trigger, Zelda a link to the past (my first zelda game)

  13. Johnnes says:

    Everyone has mentioned from great titles so far but there is one title i played 110% and that was Secret of Mana. This title was by far one of the better rpgs that I enjoyed. Of course, I can’t say the same for it’s second and third game titles later on.

    Other than that title, A Link to the Past, Super Mario Brothers, FF3, and chronotrigger.

  14. Peachy says:

    Um hello! Zelda – A link to the past, jumiping from the top rope with a folded chair! whats wrong with you people!!

  15. AC says:

    chronotrigger most definitely.

  16. Jamie says:

    I wouldn’t really class Zelda as an RPG. and because of that, Final Fantasy IV, don’t even have to think about it.

  17. Chooch says:

    Chrono Trigger.

  18. ninjaluke84 says:

    I loved the Final Fantasy games, Super Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger. When it comes down to it I am going to have to go with Earthbound. I have never had a rpg experience like it besides maybe Super Mario RPG. I love this question because I have been playing my Super Nintendo a lot lately mainly just Earthbound but still the Super Nintendo is my favorite system of all time.

  19. Jack says:

    Bard’s Tale. Obviously.

  20. frstOne says:

    Another vote here for Super Mario RPG.

  21. electricfuture says:

    Chrono Trigger

  22. Lance says:

    Too many great RPGs on the SNES. Let’s see, here’s my faves

    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy VI
    Chrono Trigger
    Mario RPG
    Breath of Fire 1 & 2
    Dragon Quest V & VI (Import only for the SNES)
    Seiken Densetsu series

  23. rdaneel72 says:

    I just finished Super Mario RPG for the first time this weekend, after starting it 12 years and 2800 miles ago. Very entertaining. More RPGs on the VC, please!!!

  24. XCWarrior says:

    Super Mario RPG, though I have never played Chrono Trigger. Will be changing that sometime soon.

  25. Sensai says:

    Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia (depending on how you define RPG)…

    …so many good ones. Man.

  26. Mohan says:

    Chrono Trigger.

  27. Mark says:

    I know everyone is saying Final Fantasy VI, but I’m going to go with IV. I loved VI but it just sort of fell apart at the end for me. Maybe I’m just weird, but when I play an RPG I pick my four or five characters and stick with them for the whole game. Finding out that I needed all 12 at the end of game, even though only about six of them had gotten any experience at all was kind of a slap in the face to me. Even if that was discounted it would still probably fall to IV for me, but that in particular just irked me. IV on the other hand hit all the right notes for me. Not sure what it is about exactly, but its the only FF game I’ve ever played that I feel compelled to replay after beating it.

  28. Josh says:

    Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI in that order.

  29. InvisibleMan says:

    I never had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (I hate acronyms!!), so I’m going to go with your recommendations, Infendonians:

    So far, the biggest number of votes go to both Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. I have Final Fantasy VI for the GameBoy Advance (considered by many the ULTIMATE version of that game, apparently), and I just got two days ago Chrono Trigger for the DS (#2 game of all time according to Metacritic, following Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars).

    Thanks for the tip, I am sure I will have a blast!! If I am able to finish any of them…

  30. Clonester says:

    Chrono Trigger. No contest.

    But there were many other great SNES RPG’s too.

  31. Davethegiant says:

    Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Legend of Zelda

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