Infendo Rant – DSiware


Adsiwarefter racing a few laps around Delfino Square in Mario Kart DS, I decided to pop into the DSi Shop for the first time since April 2009. I still have my free 1000 Nintendo points from purchasing a DSi and was itching to spend a few. After six months, surely there must be some small intuitive titles to download and play on the go, right? However, after flipping through page after page of nothing but quick-coded shovelware, I frustratingly thumped the power button and tossed my DSi to the couch.

Really, Nintendo? You push and push for these products/services such as the zapper, balance board, Wiiware, and DSiware and yet you completely slack off support within a matter of weeks after release. Giving all the resources to third parties sounds good in theory, but it isn’t working. There are hundreds if not thousands of DSiware opportunities out there just waiting to be developed. Just how many picture flip books, Animal Crossing calculators, or Mario clocks do I need?

Don’t extend your market area if you’re not planning on supporting the consumer.

What do you think? Does the DSi Shop meet your standards or do you feel left out in the rain?


  1. I don’t like the DSi Shop one bit. The only game which interested me and wasn’t a horrible game was Guitar Rock Tour, but after I beat it I stopped playing it. There really could be better games and applications out. Why doesn’t someone release a nice 100 point planner app, AIM app, facebook app, seriously there is so much potential for the DSi and no one is taking advantage of it.

  2. The DSi Shop is the horrible combination of Nintendo’s “build it and they will fill it” attitude and the industry’s general confusion at the Big N’s strategies. Nintendo needs to realize that they need to be the example and forerunner for their platform.

  3. While I’d like to see some apps, you’re really exaggerating to say it’s full of shovelware. For a while, it was dogged by the clocks, calculators, and awful games, but they have been releasing some good games:

    Flipnote Studio
    Art Style games
    Dragon Quest Wars
    Minis March Again
    Real Football 09
    Thorium Wars
    Mighty Flip Champs

    Yeah, MySims Camera is in the recent releases and is a real dog, but there are very good games to spend those 1000 points on.

    Could it be better? Sure.

  4. The Art Style alone and the Flipnote Studio are enough to go on for that system. It’s still in the process of getting developers to work on it but it’ll come. I don’t see anything wrong the with the service, it’s just young, like Wiiware was. Just needs more developer support, and its coming.

  5. You said it, DSiWare is rubbish, flip pad is fun, but that’s about it warioware snapped doesn’t even work cos the walls in my room are too lightly coloured.

    I’m using my DSi to play KH 358/2 days but that’s it, it may as well just be a DS lite with slightly bigger screens. DSiWare (and DSi as a whole in fact) so far is a big fail. I’ve had the console for over 6 months, and a list of the games I have for it:
    Flipnote Studio (good game that isn’t a game)
    WarioWare (doesn’t work)
    Artstyle: Code (good but it has nothing on tetris)

    When I got the DSi I though I’d be playing games that used the DSi’s features. Just like games did when the Wii and DS launched, the games for them made full use of the console. but as of yet, the DSi is merely a DS lite with 2 cameras that never get used.

    I’m not really fussed about the app store type thing though, I want proper DSi games I can buy from the store. Ones that use that little bit of extra processing power, memory and cameras the DSi has. However small the enhancement, it’s still there and it’s not doing anything playing DS games all the time.

    One thing I will say positive though, have you guys heard the speakers on the DSi? Pretty darn amazing – I’d say better quality than the PSP or iPhone! Playing 358/2 days on it, I don’t think there’s ever been a portable with better sound quality!

  6. Mighty Flip Champs, M vs DK: Minis March Again, all of the Art Style games, Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, Dragon Quest Wars, Thorium Wars and Pop+Solo are the best in the system. It all adds up to over $70 of games, so don’t say that you can’t find what to do with $10 worth of points. After you’re done with ALL of these games, more will already be available worth our money (looking forward to the Shantae releases)…

  7. I liked:

    mario vs DK
    Elete asphalt
    mighty flip champs
    art style aqua
    and real soccer.

    but they all get boring realy fast, execpt Mario VS dK,
    But all my levels were DENIED from wifi, and I’m stuck on 4-6
    (I looked online and can’t find help!!!)

  8. oh, I finished 4-6, ok now i play 1 game!

  9. artstyle base10 is really cool.

  10. DSiWare has a few good games like Dr Mario and Puzzle League but that doesn’t fill the empty space of Tetris and also where is the Virtual Console of the DS? It would be awesome if they released GB, GBC and GBA games just like they did with the Wii wouldn’t it?

  11. I’d buy my first psp before “upgrading” to the dsi. At least the Sony store is compatible with older psp’s.

  12. I would love the dsi to have a great online shop. But I have a feeling that it never will get the games it’s seeking. It has it’s hands too far onto the developers that want to make games for it. That is why the Iphone app store is so successful. Yes it also has a load of crap games. But so many good games too.

  13. My fav recourse for finding out about new games is the ESRB website,
    the only cool games coming 4the on the dsi I’ve seen are, Rayman, Chronos Twins????, and Oregon trail.