Infendo Quick Thought ”“ Wii Sports Resort Japanese import impressions

rvl_wsportsr_01ss01_e3225Several of the Infendo staff this past week have been tinkering around with the recently released Japanese version of Wii Sports Resort. What are my impressions thus far? While others may be prematurely awarding Wii Sports Resort with game of the year 2009, it’s just not all that. I hate to be Johnny Raincloud, but after spending almost 10 hours with Resort I get the impression that Nintendo never finished the game. Motion Plus feels, dare I say it, tact-on.

Fellow staff writer Will Thompson and I have both found that the motion plus works well as long as you stay within your Mii’s area of movement. Swinging outside your Mii’s arm length in sword fighting will always upturn the virtual positioning of the motion plus. This issue could have been forgiven had the developers allowed the game to auto-recalibrate, but unfortunately you’re required to manually reposition your movement causing your Mii to be beaten severely as you finish tuning up the controls.

Besides a few unneeded/unentertaining mini games (cycling, canoeing, and power cruising), Archery almost makes the game worth purchasing. The accuracy is amazingly intuitive.

You still have a few weeks to make your final decision/preorder before Wii Sports Resort releases in the states. Just try before you buy if possible. Wii Sports Resort releases July 24th, 2009.

Have you had a chance to play with Wii Sports Resort yet? Comment below.