Happy Third Birthday, Nintendo Wii!



Wow! It’s already been three whole years since the day Nintendo unleashed a home console that revolutionized the game market. Where were you on that fateful day? Were you among the thousands who strolled into a store to lazily pick up your preorder without worry, or were you among the hundreds of thousands who panicked at the sight of “shipment sold out” notices?

Tell us your Wii launch day stories below!


  1. Ah… time flies when you’re playing with your Wii!

    I got my on the second week after launch. I paid some friends about $60 or so, so they could use that along with selling their Gamecube to get a Wii. They picked up one for themselves and mine with the money I had given them.

    You should have seen the unhappy looks of customers. in the store when they handed their second Wii box to me as we walked away.

  2. Oh what a good memory!
    On that sunday three years ago as soon as I could I picked up a receipt that I was keeping for almost a month and I went to Sam’s Club (in Mexico) and thats where I gave a nice lady the receipt and a bit of money and in return she gave me a beautiful white box which contained something that until today I almost daily use and enjoy so much. Happy third birthday Nintendo Wii!

  3. I camped out for like.. 16 hours on launch with my ex-girlfriend. She later cheated on me, but that hasn’t tainted my Wii, and I love it 🙂

    …Did have to delete her Mii..

    That’s a little extra information for ya 😉

    Happy birthday, Wii.

  4. That cake is a lie.

  5. damn! eolirin beat me to it.

  6. Will and I had three different cake and Wii images rotating through this post earlier. It was intense.

  7. Got mine 10 minutes to midnight on the day. Opened early for us. 20 minute wait.

  8. Got mine on the day of the European launch, december 8th..
    I pre-ordered it about 6 months in advance, took the day off work and waited for the postman to come..It was like Christmas unpacking the box and examining every detail…made me feel 10 years old again!

    That night my neighbours came over, and we all were really impressed by the motion controls and the fact that people walking by my house did not understand a bit of what we were doing facing the tv swinging a white remote ….. haha

  9. I was working at gamestop handing pepole their wii’s that they preordered 🙁 but i did get one from 2nd shipment! Thats almost launch 😀 workers can “rent” games and i played every launch game 😀 but i cried when i played farcry wii, why are you so crappy!? :`-)

  10. best console ever made!

    you guys just watch! when its over you will say best system ever.

  11. I didn’t get the Wii at launch. Just reserved one and got it a few months later. I guess I’m the only person without a cool story, huh?

  12. i’ll tell you in 18 days on my Wiis 3rd birthday (we didn’t get it in EU ’til december 8th…)

  13. Wait. So is portal coming to the Wii?

  14. Launch day? I said, “oh, that came out did it?” and looked at my friends who had jobs expectantly. “Well?!”

    I got my Wii two years ago, for Christmas. I use the heck out of that little thing, and I still can’t understand the Nintendo hate I still get from periodic gamestop employees.

  15. I got my wii 7 days after the US launch. I didn’t pre-order and wasn’t expecting to get one either. Walked into EB Games (GameStop) and got the last one in the store and was one of the few people I know that got a wii on launch week.

  16. Wow…time sure flies!

  17. Got mine 1 day before launch. Took it to work, stalled it on my desk, all colleagues were asking all day about it. In the end I got so nervous, I took the last few hours off to try it. That evening I invited 3 others to my place and we played for ever. The next morning all four had muscle acke; the fenomenon Wii-Party was born.

    Definetly my favourite console of all time.

  18. I got mine in April that year. And I still had to be there the day the UPS guy showed up with the shipment in order to get one.

  19. i actually missed out on the first day launch, but had no problems getting one. i think in honor of this glorious day and payday i will purchase a game for my wii so it has a new friend to play with. happy birthday buddy.

  20. I bought mine in pre-order at Liverpool in Mexico, but the number of pre-orders and the number of consoles they actually got did not match AT ALL. I finally got my console the 1st week of January and Red Steel for free for waiting a little more. Ever since I’ve bought, mmm, let me check, 73 Wii games (plus an extra 2 I’ll get tomorrow), 36 Wiiware games and 25 Virtual Console games. BTW, I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay behing on my VC and Wiiware purchases. 16 Wiiware and 7 Virtual Console games to purchase but due to lack of time I’ve yet to finish Breath of Fire II on VC and Onslaught and Space Invaders Get Even on Wiiware so until I’m done with those, the rest will have to wait.

    Oh, and I’ll get a PS3 tomorrow. Here in Mexico we got a bundle that includes a 120 GB PS3 Slim, Uncharted 2, a PS3 Bluray Remote and a Sony MP3 Walkman for $530 USD, but at Liverpool you get 20% back in store credit tomorrow from 9:30 pm to 2 a.m. so it will be only $424 which ain’t that much more than the price if bought in the US. Plus, we get to pay it in 18 months interest free, so it will be an early christmas present from me to me.

  21. I stole mine from Circuit City a few weeks after launch. Turns out they probably could have used that cash. Oh well.

  22. Bought it at launch, had to wait in line for over 45 mins, but it was well worth it.

    I havent played a lot of it in the last year, but with NSMB , I am back…

  23. to another 3 years of prosperity……..good job nintendo!

  24. Earlier in the day, this happened:https://www.infendo.com/2006/11/18/wii-wait-27-hour-party-people/
    And then this: https://www.infendo.com/2006/11/18/stop-looking-link-triforce-found-at-mit/

    Then I waited all night at a Target parking lot with an awesome bunch of people .. adults, Tufts students, a mom getting one for her kid. Probably the most video game fun I’ve ever had without a console in sight!

  25. I was sitting at home with my GameCube playing Pikmin 2 and fuming I had to wait another 3 weeks for Twilight Princess to comeout for me to play it.

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