Hank Chien is the New King of Kong


I’m sure you are all familiar with The King of Kong, the documentary about the fierce battle between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchel for the coveted Donkey Kong high score. But, just recently, a new champion emerged. Hank Chien of New York, New York reached a baffling 1,061,700 points in 2 hours, 35 minutes, topping the previous 1,050,200 record set by Billy Mitchel. Chien’s score was verified by Twin Galaxies officials David Nelson and Eric Akeson.

Twin Galaxies, the most popular authority on score keeping since 1981, recently asked Chien in an interview,

With one legendary game in the can, is there another record in your sights?

Yes, but that’s a secret. It’s nothing big, in fact it’s quite the opposite; a very small title that I stumbled upon accidentally and have been playing while on Donkey Kong breaks. I will also push up my Donkey Kong score a bit before I retire. I’m still improving! But at the moment, I don’t have plans to pursue any other big titles. I like competition, but fun and friendly competition. This world record stuff is too much pressure!

As a Steve Wiebe fan, myself, I’m a bit upset about this.  Wiebe mentioned his interest in trying to top his score again at the GDC this year. Hopefully, he’ll top this guy as well.