Financial Times confirms Wii as global leader


MariodominationA report from the Financial Times is confirming Wii domination of world-wide sales. This news comes weeks after VGchartz first reported the Wii surpassing the Xbox360 globally. Financial Times seems to have more connections with world retailers which gives us a clearer, and more trusting statement. The Tokyo based site lists the actual units sold with the Wii at 9 million, Xbox360 at 8.9 million, and the PS3 at 3.7 million. A Tokyo annalist clearly states the reasons…

“The fact of the matter is that, despite the Xbox’s earlier launch in November 2005, it only sells in two markets – Europe and the US. Japan is home turf to Sony and Nintendo, so the Xbox is not a player at all. In contrast, Nintendo has been selling well in all three major markets.”

The question is when will Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft give us a clear-cut statement of their global sales? Only time will tell.