DS mod – Zelda Edition


Pulsing green LEDs, custom paint job, glowing Hyrulian shield….sounds like a good place to put Phantom Hourglass. Get it here

Update: $$$ goes to charity. Everyone wins!

Thanks, Jeremy!

10 Responses to DS mod – Zelda Edition

  1. Wii Wii says:

    Looks nice, I like the custom mods!

  2. cmdg says:

    So weve seen a zelda wii, a metroid wii, and now a zelda ds. Metroid ds next I persume.

  3. droop4 says:

    I like custom mods, but then again i like stock too… and its cheaper 😛

  4. frisby says:

    You forgot to mention that its for charity.

  5. Jake says:

    whoops…must of missed that part. Thanks, frisby.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m still not digging the colors.

  7. KillerHeroes says:

    The color scheme is ugly. Maybe if it were a darker blue.

  8. Andrew-MG says:

    Yeah, the blue and white is kind of ugly. I like the Zelda shield up top, but this isn’t nearly as well done as the Metroid one we saw a few weeks ago.

  9. copreni says:

    rrrrrr…very tacci

  10. copreni says:

    i think i like the black and gold one cooler…..

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