Disaster: Day of Crisis – What do we know?


First revealed along side the Wii at E3 2006, Disaster: Day of Crisis is still one of the most unknown Wii core games out there that has been in an unusually secretive, and long development cycle. Though the E3 2006 CG trailer lasted less than 7 seconds it was just enough to prick gamer’s interest with four simple visual gameplay elements: chaos, guns, cars, and explosions.

For those who don’t know, Disaster: Day of Disaster is a survival game developed by Nintendo’s recently acquired Monolith Soft. Their main goal as one of Nintendo’s second party Wii developers is to create new revolutionary franchises for the system. Little did we know that their greatest project yet would be in a development rut rivaling AAA games such as Zelda, Mario, and Smash Brothers.

Through various interviews, videos, screens, and official statements we have managed to compile all we know about Disaster: Day of Crisis.


-Survival/action game in which your objective is to outlast different natural disasters, and/or chaotic events.

-You play as Ray, a retired member of a Elite Rescue Task force.

-Game set in the United States.

-A terrorist group/special force unit takes advantage of the cataclysmic events by attempting to steal, and use an atomic weapon.

-Shooting elements are in 3rd person with built-in cover/corner system.

-Action elements are also in 3rd person, but with various camera angles.

-Rescue injured/wounded people with action sequences such as reviving them via CPR.

-Other survival gameplay includes: race a car down a mountain to escape a roaring pyroclastic flow, dodge toppling buildings during a devastating earthquake and swim for their lives in a raging flood.

-Nintendo promised “Cutting-edge physics and gripping visuals” at E3 2006.

-Monolith Soft reached peak development Fall 2006.

-Less than 6 second video of gameplay footage was shown at the Japan Nintendo World Event. More shooting and action elements were shown.

-Beth Llewelyn of Nintendo confirmed that Disaster Day of crisis was still deep in development, and “is looking very good” during E3 2007.

-A Japanese release date was set for July 3rd, 2008.

-On May 17th, 2008 Monolith Soft delayed the game in order to “increase the quality of the finished product”.

-Disaster Day of Crisis was rated “M” in Australia for “Violence, themes, and infrequent coarse language” on August 13th, 2008. Other games rated on August 13th are set for a September-November 2008 release suggesting that DDoC might release this year, but signs look doubtful.


Not much info, eh? At least it sounds like Monolith Soft is taking the game seriously, but isn’t almost three years of work enough? Nothing against dedicated game developers, but technology evolves so rapidly that by the time this title releases the “Wii experience” might be burned out (if not already). Nevertheless there is at least one working game out there that appeals to my personal core tastes.

What do you think Infendo? Has this been in development for too long, or will over two years of extra work be worth wild?