Day 2 – Nintendo E3 2008 Coverage

Another long day of E3 coverage accomplished. Today seemed to focus more on third party demonstrations which are surprisingly looking very good. Have a look at events during day two.

Call of Duty: World at War looks crazy good on Wii
Miyamoto hints to new Pikmin, Mario titles
MadWorld trailer is bloody black and white fun
Guitar Hero World Tour resembles something”¦
The Conduit looks sharp, plays however you want it to (needs publisher?)
Capcom bringing Dead Rising to Wii
The worst part of Nintendo’s E3 conference
Show me the perfect Nintendo game, please
UPDATE: Miyamoto drags feet on Wii Storage, but says something at least
More hardcore screens of Wario: Shake it from Nintendo
Wii Speak mic “might not be the gimmick it first appeared to be”
Mega Man 9 at E3, live gameplay – Level 2
Is the Wii now the most expensive console?
Miyamoto doesn’t know when to shut it
Voice chat confirmed for The Conduit
Pikmin 3 development confirmed
Animal Crossing City Folk details revealed

It is the first time in several years that I’m actually anticipating some third party offerings over Nintendo’s line up for Holiday 2008. Nothing against Animal Crossing (should be great), but Guitar Hero World Tour is looking to rob my wallet during Q4.

See you on day three!