Could the Wii use a MMO?



With almost 60 milllion consoles in homes around the world the Wii could be the next major launch pad for a MMO. Anything from major monthly-payment titles to free-to-play micro transaction games could find a successful home on the Wii. It all comes down to which publisher/developer has the guts to follow through with such a project. Home console MMOs haven’t had the best of luck over the years nor have developers had the budget to support such projects. However, the possibility of a Wii MMO is bright with games such as Monster Hunter 3 which utilize four player co-op in a massive world.

Just a quick weekend thought to ponder over. Would you like to see a MMO on the WIi?


  1. Pokémon MMO.

    Nintendo makes trillions, entire world becomes addicted.

    …World peace.

  2. Pokemon MMO would be logical move, but we all know for some reason Nintendo doesn’t want to do that!

  3. I agree with both of them, a Pokemon MMO would be pretty great. Even if Nintendo doesn’t want to make one, that’s fine because any MMO would probably be fun of the Wii, as long as they don’t add too much motion controls to it.

  4. The obvious choice would be a Pokemon MMO the graphics really wouldn’t need that much attention, but as long as it is playable.

  5. Would love to see a GOOD MMO on the Wii, if it’s being done it’s gotta be done properly.

    I’ve wanted a 3D Pokemon MMO since I first played Pokemon Red back in the day. Please Nintendo, make it happen!

  6. No. I personally would not.
    If there ever was a “hardcore” type of game, it would be a MMO.Is the Wii audience really “hardcore” enough for this massive time and money investing type of gaming? Would the Wii music/ Wii fit/ Wii sports crowd really be interested? I doubt it. but you never know.

    However, if there IS a large enough audience for it on Wii I hope a developer will go for it. Just because I don’t like a game there is no reason why it shouldn’t be enjoyed by millions of others, assuming they are actually out there on the wii , of course.

  7. My GF and I would like to see a MMO trivia game, similar to what Buzztime offers in bars but through the Wii at home. That would get us to pay 10 bucks a month, no problem.

    Not all MMO games are RPGs, menial task simulators or shooters.

  8. 2 words: pokemon MMO

  9. I too want a pokemon MMO, but I believe that a Pokemon MMO should be on a handheld system. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Phantasy Star Online on the Wii (so long as they set up a Punkbuster type anti-cheat device).

  10. Though a little side note: I DON’T like subscription fees. Were it not for subscription fees, I’d already be playing MMOs. Take World of Warcraft for example, I played the 10 day demo and LOVED it, but frankly I love no game so much that I’d pay $15 a month to play it (and have the game taken away when my cash stops flowing in). Now, if WOW was a one time fee (even a little greater than usual, like $70), I would buy it in a heartbeat. Because of subscriptions however, I am more curious about games such as Phantasy Star 0 and Guild Wars where you pay a one time fee, and then play what you payed for forever.

    Just my two cents.

  11. It’s been said a million times, but it should happen – Pokemon MMO.

  12. Pokemon? How old are we here? In order for the MMO to show up on the Wii, it would need universal appeal, Pokemon is for young kids/toddlers. I would like to see a Wii Sports MMO. (Imagine Wii Sports Resort, online!)

  13. yeah of course, but the only dev that would attempt a feat like that (mmo) would be nintendo themselves. let’s see, they got quite a few good IP’s that could work. i think the zelda franchise, pokemon or animal crossing would work best. its all up to nintendo. i think the pointer function would lend itself well to an mmo, or any rts for that matter.

  14. wii wii, so an mmo is hardcore? how about world of warcraft? how can that be considered ‘hardcore’? i hate that word. there’s tons of ‘casuals’ (i hate that word too) that play that game only, and are not particularly gaming fans. if you want to align yourself to a stereotypical group, go right ahead. but there are a ton of people who love video games, that don’t want you to speak for them, and don’t want to be forced into a group if their tastes are varied.

  15. @Doughboy74

    This statement is proof enough that you have never actually played a pokemon game (or have just seen the wretched cartoon tie in). Also, Wii Sports would be a HORRIBLE choice for an MMO or online multiplayer. Firstly, most of the fun in Wii Sports comes from local multiplayer, or the joy of playing with a family member/friend in the same room (which was what it was built around). Secondly, MMO isn’t the same thing as online multiplayer. A MMO is something like World of Warcraft where you have a few thousand players all running around in the same world and interacting with one another simultaneously. How could you pull this off with Wii Sports (or any other sports game for that matter)?

  16. basically wii wii, let me explain to you something about the wii audience. the picture you are painting is a black and white painting (in theory). in real life application actually, the black and white strips are rather small, and the gray area is much bigger than you really think. you are ignoring the existence of this huge gray area. if the mmo is a good game, good production values, and has a hook and addicting aspect to it, people will flock to the game; no doubt about it. its the people in the gray area that devs should be catering to, for a game to be a success, not only either the black or white.

  17. @hyper
    I know about MMOs. I have not played a Pokemon game because of the childrens (card battle style) game. It is not my idea of a fun game. But if you think outside the box of Wii Sports Resort, tie it into a version of PS Home, it could become an MMO, ppl always online, even have your 4 player local join in. Think of the possibilities. It would be titled, Wii Sports World.

  18. MMOs are pretty casual games so I think they would suit the system well.

    But right now I think I’ll be satisfied with MH3. As long as I dont have to pay for MH3 online.

  19. the game cube had PSO;
    and plus the wii has 512 MB of memory, I Dont know if thats enough fro all the patches and updates.

    Also to whoever photo-shopped the image at the top, a quick outline blur, could get rid of the jagged lines….

  20. As long as I don’t have to pay monthly for it, I’m all for an MMO on the Wii. I’m playing Atlantica Online at the moment and it’s far better than any subscription based MMO I’ve seen, I think it’s stupid to have to pay to use a game. It’s worse than some of the horrendous DRM we see in PC games.
    You don’t own the game, you don’t even own your character in the game. there’s no way of using the game unless you pay the monthly fee. It’s like DRM to the extreme…

  21. I would think Animal Crossing would be a natural candidate for an MMO. It is kind of going in that direction anyway. It would appeal to the sorts of people that like Facebook games like Farmtown and such. I’m not saying I would like it, but there are a lot of people who would.

    Maybe a Hyrule based MMO would be good for more hardcore gamers. They would have to leave Zelda/Link to the main games. Set the MMO in the times between the main games. They could use the MMO to market the next Zelda games by setting it in the time leading to the start of that game.

  22. Why not? Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

  23. Animal Crossing MMO sounds like a great idea. I don’t know how well a Pokemon MMO would turn out if it was made. There’s only a limited amount of Pokemon to catch, and it would have to be heavily PvP based (battles with other trainers), which I’m not particularly in favor of.
    In any case, it would have to be free to play, and possibly it could take the route of other free MMOs and allow for purchase of extra features with cash.

  24. ANY good MMO would be a blessing on the Wii! But if Nintendo really wants to make a big splash on that genre, make it a Pokémon MMO!

    And just for fun, make a handheld version of it that can go back and forth between the Wii console and the DSi… that would make it pretty unique!

    Nintendo, if you don’t like money, don’t touch that idea, OK?

  25. I wouldn’t mind if an MMO made it’s way to the Wii, but it would be nice if it wasn’t an RPG. Something fast, and action oriented would be pretty sweet.

  26. Nintendo doesn’t understand the power of the online side! 🙁

  27. Animal Crossing the MMO:

    Hundreds of thousands of people, consumed by greed, chopping down each other’s trees and digging up their lawns, and bragging about their new stuff. And then taking a break from the madness to go out for coffee and a KK Rider show with their friends/rivals.


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