Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Very neat little commercial campaign.

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  1. Twman says:

    Ahh…yes, this is probably one of my favorite Nintendo commercials…

  2. Eolirin says:

    2003 counts as classic now?

    It is a great commercial, but if the GBA SP is being thought of as a classic gaming system, I suddenly feel very, very, old.

  3. Jake says:

    We post commercials from all systems below Nintendo’s current hardware.

    Plus if you think about it 2003 was quite a while ago.

  4. Jon says:

    Wow, very deep, very toughtful.
    It brougth emotion into me.

  5. Mohan says:

    That is unique, I like it when commercials are different and not boring. 😀

  6. Eolirin says:

    Jake, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have posted it, as much as that 2003 really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago to me. There’s a point before which 6 years seems like a long time, and after which it seems like nothing. It makes me feel old.

  7. mrredstuff says:

    hahah funny advert.

    my fav in the smash bros. one where there all dressed in suits and start fighting ha =)

  8. July Luis says:

    I was shopping online for a Nintendo game console for my son…He loves Mario bros…and found a site running a free contest this week for a free nintendo…ezwingame…wanted to know if anyone knows about this…thanks

  9. Will says:

    Man, Mario was such a dick to Luigi, no wonder he’s so shy and scared.

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