Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga


Very neat little commercial campaign.


  1. Ahh…yes, this is probably one of my favorite Nintendo commercials…

  2. 2003 counts as classic now?

    It is a great commercial, but if the GBA SP is being thought of as a classic gaming system, I suddenly feel very, very, old.

  3. We post commercials from all systems below Nintendo’s current hardware.

    Plus if you think about it 2003 was quite a while ago.

  4. Wow, very deep, very toughtful.
    It brougth emotion into me.

  5. That is unique, I like it when commercials are different and not boring. 😀

  6. Jake, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have posted it, as much as that 2003 really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago to me. There’s a point before which 6 years seems like a long time, and after which it seems like nothing. It makes me feel old.

  7. hahah funny advert.

    my fav in the smash bros. one where there all dressed in suits and start fighting ha =)

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  9. Man, Mario was such a dick to Luigi, no wonder he’s so shy and scared.