Brain Age speedrun will blow your prefrontal cortex


This game’s software uses the direction of brush strokes to determine it’s input, and not what the doodles themselves look like. This tool-assisted speedrun utilizes heavy glitch abuse in an extremely creative and awesome way.


  1. I started laughing so hard when the intro stopped and the actual solving began. It’s slow and convoluted starting up, then it counts down from three…. and then it just starts going apeshit. All sorts of weird symbols being drawn at blinding speed, about the fourth of which is some sort of complex arcane rune that looks like they’re trying to summon some kind of eldritch horror. It was just such a jarring juxtaposition that I couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. Tool Assisted Speedruns are really bad in my opinion.

  3. I saw this whenever it was publish on it’s just awesome, i like TAS it just doesn’t look like the real game was.

  4. Holy brains on a stick that’s awesome. TAS FTW.

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