Drowning In The Blue Ocean

From time to time, the Infendo mail slot will flop open and a reader submitted article will drift into our offices. Today we share with you an essay entitled “Drowning In The Blue Ocean” by Sean Malstrom. I wish someone would offer a prize, of piles of money, ribbons, and a piece of chocolate cake for a good, simple definition of the word: “Generation”. What an immense service it w...

Nintendo Speedlinking

Got several delicious nuggets of information for the Nintendo loving public this fine Friday: Mario Party 8 kicking trash at retail Wii Family Play controls announced for EA Sports games Official Smash Bros. controls revealed A new face game with camera for DS New NiGHTS Wii screens courtesy of some Japanese mag [Thanks, John, Ben, and Dan]

Just how "underpowered" are Wii’s graphics?

In light of recent comments made by Microsoft’s Robbie Bach in calling Wii’s graphics less capable than Xbox 1, N’Gai Croal examines the facts via three anonymous sources. Wii is a scrappy little booger, but is it as underpowered as conventional wisdom suggests? From the article: While Bach’s statement that the Wii is graphically underpowered compared to the first Xbox wasn...

Wii games that will feature online play

A lot of people seem disappointed that the Wii doesn’t have any online playable games. This will of course change in June with the release of Pokemon Battle Revolution, but what other games will feature Wi-Fi Connection online play? These titles have been confirmed to have online play: Battalion Wars 2 Forever Blue Guitar Hero III Mario Strikers Charged Pokemon Battle Revolution Super Smash ...

Hot, fresh Nintendo links straight from the oven!

Morning, peeps. Got a handful of links to point you to on this fine Wednesday. Hope everyone is having a rocking hump day: Report: Nintendo Holds on Redmond Expansion Fils-Aime talks video game expansion IGN Australia’s Next-Gen Console Showdown Summer blockbuster game profiles GCN broadband adaptor: “The biggest waste of $50 ever” Live sneek peak at the new Infendo (nearly compl...

Super Mario Galaxy – GDC 2007 preview

Not sure if everyone saw this yet, even though the video has been out for a little while. Pretty amazing stuff going on with Mario these days. My head hurts when I watch that video. It looks like an incredibly hard game, but Nintendo isn’t really known for impossible control schemes. The art design is beautiful, even in YouTube quality. How excited are you for Super Mario Galaxy?

Wii – Are you disappointed?

Videolamer has an article up talking about the “GameCube 1.5” bashing that the Wii has endured. They basically trash the idea that Wii is just two GameCubes duct-taped together. What we want to know, Infendo Nation, is if you’re disappointed in the Wii. Is there anything about it that leaves you unimpressed? [Thanks, Jason!]

Iwata dishes on Nintendo; disses Wii/DS critics

In a report by GameSpot, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata responded to continued Wii shortages some 6 months after it’s launch and defending Wii/DS and “next-gen” systems: “It looks like some people are (saying) Nintendo is not incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into its products,” Iwata said. “We are using state-of-the-art technologies to realize the co...

Virtual Console Monday – Final Fight, Ordyne, and Mighty Bomb Jack

Three new releases for the Virtual Console this week: Final Fight – SNES – 800 PointsThere’s trouble in Metro City. The members of the Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped the mayor’s daughter Jessica and the clock is ticking. Ordyne – TG-16 – 600 PointsThe evil Kubota has kidnapped Dr. Tomari’s fiancee, Kana. Take control of Dr. Tomari and his ship in order to sa...

Why some Miyamoto games aren’t any fun

In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Miyamoto-San talks about using games to tackle social issues and his approach to designing software. Here are some choice questions, but be sure to hit the source link for the full, interesting interview: Have there been games that you thought would be fun but didn’t turn out that way? Yes, that has definitely happened. In the past we’ve worked wi...

Poll – Virtual Console pricing

A lot of classic games like Punch Out and Castlevania are starting to show up in the Wii Shop Channel, so this week we ask: Virtual Console pricing is … Too high Too low Just right

Get Your Spend On – new releases this week

In a bizarre situation, the likes of which I have never seen, nothing at all has been released for the Wii or DS this week in America. Hopefully the Virtual Console will come through for us today. US releases:Nothing for Wii or DS this week!! EU/UK releases:Wii– Bust-A-Move Bash!– Cooking Mama: Cook OffDS– Lost in Blue 2– Picross DS Just because little to nothing is being r...

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