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Metroid: Other M story trailer leaves us aching for English translation

One of the most exciting changes coming to the world of Metroid is the focus on Story.  Thanks to a new trailer, Japan gets a sneak peak at the characters in Samus’ new adventure.  The rest of us? We’ll just

3DS price and release date coming in September

Engadget is reporting that Nintendo has announced that they are going to be making an announcement sometime in September. What does this mean? The short and long of it is that a Nintendo representative told Bloomberg Japan the retail price

Infendo Radio: Sean finds an empty studio

Okay guys, let’s get started!  Alexis? Will? Guys? Oh.  I see how it is, tell Sean we’re doing something fun in the Infendo recording studio, and then sneak off into the city to party it up without him.  Look at

Infendo Radio 191 gets International

Netflix is finally heading up to the great white north – Canada.  What does this mean for Wii owners?  Will console streaming be available internationally? And what’s up with those crazy European release dates, and what can their history tell

Microsoft tries to make Kinect look affordable

The “hardcore” casual motion control guys at Microsoft are getting cute with price charts.  In a damage control effort to deflate popular opinion that Kinect is a bit pricey, Microsoft has released a few interesting charts painting the accessory as

Megaman Universe confuses me, has my attention

Megaman Universe was announced last week with an accompanying teaser trailer.  And boy am I confused.  What we have is an awesome claymation battle between the Blue Bomber, and various classic enemies – all staged on top of a classic