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Red Steel 2 coming March 26 (23 for you lucky Yanks!)

Ubisoft, via the latest trailer for the sequel to their Wii launch title, has revealed that Red Steel 2 will be dropping stateside on March 23, whilst us across the pond will have to twiddle our thumbs for another 72

Ubisoft calls CUT! on movie-game tie-ins

All you movie lovers who hold out hope of getting a decent game tie-in of your favourite flick, look away now. Ubisoft have announced, on the back of poor sales of their Avatar game, that they are cutting funding for

Forget about tomorrow, look what we’ve got now!

Reggie’s recent discussion of the future successor to Wii has once again kicked the sleeping bear that is the HD debate and what Nintendo has done wrong this generation (very little if you were to ask the board members) and

Super Popeye Bros?

Whilst reading the latest in the (frankly awesome) Iwata asks series I discovered something about the conception of Mario that I didn’t know, nor would have suspected in a million years: But for a forgotten issue, Donkey Kong arcade would

Gaming Infidelity – Fraternising with the enemy

[Welcome aboard to new Infendo UK Correspondent Phil! -David] Ok, so hands up if you’re a Nintendo fan? That seems to be most people here, good stuff. I wonder though, how many of you would say you were a ‘fanboy’