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Finger Pointing is Aplenty in Capcom and Level 5’s New Adventure

  The quirky Capcom/Level 5 crossover 3DS title, Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney, has just been released today in Japan, with this trailer surfacing yesterday showing off what looks to be one of the most ‘Japanesey’ games ever to have

A Little Wii Backstory

  CVG have a great article about the story of the Wii. The whole thing is definitely worth reading, but I found this particularly interesting. Tom Quinn (above) is the man who invented the technology in your Wiimote today. He

One To Watch: Chasing Aurora

  A new trailer just surfaced for the indie Wii U launch title, Chasing Aurora. It’s by Austrian developer Broken Rules,  and is the result of a bigger team and a lot more time than the university project that was,

Nintendo of Greece Deploys Mario Flash Mob to Market Wii U

If you happened to be strolling around one of a certain few Greek shopping malls today, you might be wondering why there was a sudden influx of men and women dressed as your favourite plumber. Well, dear Infendo reader, wonder

Iwata Talks The Demise of Friend Codes, Miiverse. More To Come.

In a post-financial briefing analyst discussion last week, Iwata discussed a few things of interest concerning the (fast approaching!) Wii U. Details regarding Miiverse, as well as Nintendo’s overall online strategy,  in particular, have been…. Scant. Well, good news, a

A Wild Milo Appeared

Hey there Infendo readers! You might be seeing my name around here as a writer over the next month or so, and hopefully beyond! So, a little bit about me then… I’m from the UK, and I’ve been a huge