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Infendo Radio Episode 344: New Swimming Frustrations

The Infendo Radio team is back from vacation and ready for a brand NEW episode! We start off with What we’ve been playing, including; Smash Bros for Wii U, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and impressions of the New 3DS and

Infendo Radio Episode 343: Legend of Cross

It’s been a bumpy week on Infendo this week! not only was the site down for a day but the last show was erased on the sites recovery. Thankfully we have backups and 342 is now back online once again. Onto

Infendo Radio Episode 342: The Old Switcheroo

Welcome all to yet another edition of Infendo Radio! This time hosted by me (Lewis Pugh) with co-hosts Harrison Milfeld and whilst Colin Crompton. This week we discuss: Nintendo Fiscal Report Nintendo Creators Program (YouTube) Code Name S.T.E.A.M demo Smash

Infendo Radio Episode 341: The Colin Hosting Experience

There’s no rest for the wicked. After wrapping up our Nintendo games of the year Nintendo springs a NEW direct on us! Sit down and strap in, your in for a bumpy ride! Infendo Radio presents the unique styling’s of Colin Crompton

Wrighters (& Podcasters) needed!

These are exciting times to be a Nintendo fan. To be a writer, podcaster, gamer or developer. Following Nintendo means being prepared to go in bizarre twists and turns as Nintendo does the unexpected. Are you up to the challenge in covering

Infendo Radio Episode 339: Best of 2014 (Part 1)

Welcome to episode 339 of Infendo Radio with Harrison Milfeld, Colin Crompton and myself (Lewis Pugh) sitting in the hosting chair once again. This week after a post-christmas What we’ve been Playing, we start our 2 parter of talking about the best Nintendo games of 2014. Jump