Nintendo Quote of the Week – October 7th

“Wow, that’s a decrepit old shield… Are you sure you can still use that thing? Are you going to get splinters and cry? Well, whatever… If you’re ready, then let’s go!” -Tetra -The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy III

Also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan.

What are you playing this weekend?

It’s time to clock out! What are you playing on the first weekend of Fall? Virtual console? DS? Wii? Something else? Tell us below!

Nintendo Officialy Dropping Wii to $199.99 on September 27th

The Nintendo Wii will be dropped to a price of $199.99 in the United States starting September 27th, 2009. Hit the jump for the press release.

Nintendo Quote of the Week – September 23rd

“You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One…two…four…” -Volke -Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Classic Commercials – Earthbound

Anyone else feel like playing a RPG after watching this?

New Zant statue from First 4 Figures

Try not to wet yourself (my poor office chair) and take a gander at First 4 Figure’s newest statue in their Twilight Princess line. At $329.99 you can set this 21 inch Zant figure next to your F4F Link statue and giggle like a school girl. Check out a few more pics over at their site as well as preorder your figure. Comparison shot after the jump.

Infendo Forums – We Want YOU!

Feeling an itch to discuss your opinions with fellow mature Infendo readers? Register over at the official Infendo forums today. We 100% guarantee you’ll find something to talk about. Oh and we have free ice cream! Check back in the next few weeks for some Infendo Wifi Nights.

Will Zelda Spirit Tracks make a 2009 release?

It’s hard to realize that the Q4 holiday season is less than one month away. It’s even more unbelievable when you remember that Nintendo is still planning a full-blown Zelda title on the DS for a TBA 2009 release! With four months until 2010 do you think The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks will make it this year? We’ve contacted Nintendo as well as checked their official lineup, but all dates ...

Did you pick up The Beatles: Rock Band?

The fab four are all the rage on this fine Wednesday. Did you pick up the Rock Band Beatles special, or is Guitar Hero 5 taking up your time? Tell us how it plays.

Nintendo Quote of the Week – September 9th

Falco: I think you look better in a tank. Fox: Why don’t you come down here, Falco? Falco: I’ll pass, Fox. -Star Fox 64

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