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Netflix arrives on Wii Spring 2010

It’s official! The New York Times revealed today that Netflix will be bringing their online media streaming service to the Nintendo Wii this spring.

2009 Virtual Console stats: “Ouch”

When first announced way back at E3 2005 the Virtual Console was envisioned as “the” ultimate digital library of Nintendo platform games. While not expecting the company to release the entire catalog day one, we knew all our favorites would

Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Very neat little commercial campaign.

Could the Wii use a MMO?

With almost 60 milllion consoles in homes around the world the Wii could be the next major launch pad for a MMO. Anything from major monthly-payment titles to free-to-play micro transaction games could find a successful home on the Wii. It all comes down

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy Advance

Hmm. Little weired if you ask me.

Happy Third Birthday, Nintendo Wii!

Wow! It’s already been three whole years since the day Nintendo unleashed a home console that revolutionized the game market. Where were you on that fateful day? Were you among the thousands who strolled into a store to lazily pick