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Reggie gets his ride pimped at L.A. Auto Show

Nintendo Press Release – 11/10/2011 Nintendo will be making an unlikely pit stop at the 2011 LA Auto Show, marking the video game company’s first-ever appearance at an automotive trade show. Members of the media are invited to an exclusive

Is anyone playing Pokémon Rumble Blast?

We have a fair share of Pokémon fans around here, so I’m curious if anyone is playing Pokémon Rumble Blast? It’s rare that I don’t grab a first-party Nintendo game when it comes out, especially for 3DS, so I’m just wondering

Infendo Public Service Announcement – Daylight Saving Time ends today

If your location observes Daylight Saving Time, don’t forget to set the clock back one hour on your Wii, DS, and 3DS today! Unlike many modern electronics, these game systems don’t set themselves. Now that you’re well rested after an

Mario Kart 7 doesn’t have a colon

Mario Kart 7 is the first numbered edition of this game. The other six entries in this series don’t carry a numerical indicator, just a name, colon, or game system name. Mario Kart for GameCube was fun because some people

Nintendo should sell official ringtones

Is it just me, or is Nintendo missing out on some decent cash by not selling official ringtones and text message alert tones? Not to mention a complete lack of Nintendo game soundtracks over on iTunes, which is something Richard

Skyward Sword is “deepest Zelda yet” – what does that mean to you?

In a recent promotional email (seen above), Nintendo claims that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the deepest Zelda yet. To me, depth would mean an engrossing story with characters you care about and a game world that feels