3DS vs. PSP, PS2 and GameCube


Most of the chatter we hear about the 3DS is the autostereoscopic 3D screens, but there’s also a huge advancement in it’s graphical capabilities. Although the important part of having good graphics is the talent of the artists that make them, I think this can provide a good idea of what can be achieved on the 3DS from a technical standpoint. It’s also worth noting that the Snake Eater demo is nowhere near complete and is really just an early technical demo at this point.


  1. I’m curious about the audio capabilities, too. I was intrigued by DJ Hero 3D, but then I immediately thought “it might not be any good if the music sounds as compressed as Guitar Hero did on the DS!”

  2. Sony better do something to be able to compete against the 3DS. It already appears that the 3DS is going to have the same graphical capabilities if not better. Who knows what kind of visuals the 3DS will have two or even three years from now.

    Plus the control stick nub slider thing is in a better position than the PSP’s analog nub. And we also get the touch screen, cameras, and well 3D capabilities. Once again Nintendo strikes gold with their new handheld.

  3. What you’re not seeing, which is a huge factor besides the graphics, is the three dimensional depth. While you can compare the graphics, you can’t see the 3D in that picture. It plays a huge part to the system, and actually blurs some of the polygons together so you don’t see the jaggies.

  4. The most impressive fact about the 3ds for me is not the graphic level ,or even the 3d technology but the1st and 3rd party games that are going to support it.

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  10. @Solarsonic

    Using the same argument Nintendo fanboys utilized in gameplay vs graphics arguments now that the tables maybe turning as far as graphics go in the handheld market how pathetic. Depending on its exact specs 3DS is going to be nearly as powerful as PSP, as powerful graphically, or greater. That potential goes far outside merely better graphics if it ends up being superior in hardware. 3D is the new HD it is sort of a gimmick right now, but it is apart of the future of the display of video entertainment.

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