Possible Cube Price Drop

Gamespot has been tipped off by an EB employee about marketing materials EB has received to promote the GameCube, tagged with the line “New Low Price”. No word on what the new price could be, but this is probably a reaction to the PS2’s new price of $129. A GameCube will cost less than a Micro. Weird. [via C3]

Possible Hawk Wii Footage

A clip of a next-gen Tony Hawk is making the internet rounds today. Featuring a model test, the footage shows obvious next-gen hardware tweaks like improved lighting, modeling, and some impressive animation. I won’t rule this out from being the Wii version, but chances are greater that it is a 360 or PS3 version. [via Revo-Europe]

A Wii Update [update 2]

(I used to call this Revolution Ramblings, but decided to change the name for some reason.) First and foremost, the name of the “Rev” is Wii. Not Nintendo Wii, just Wii. Also from that GI interview: “GI: It’s been rumored that the new big Revolution secret is the fact that the nun chuck controller is also motion detecting… [NOA Public Relations Manager] Matt Atwood: Really. T...

Infendo Radio Show #6: Wii is Wiierd

Infendo Radio show 6 has arrived! We speak on new games, discuss the Wii, take your mail, and Blake crashes the party. Dig it. MP3

Infendo Radio #6 Prep

Infendo Radio #6 is set to take place tomorrow morning, Blake-less. I know, i know, we’ll miss the ghetto references too. Anyway, send some mail (e- or voice) to me and Scott so we have something to talk about. Cause we all know this was a slow news Wiik. Voicemail: 206-338-BIGN (2446)Email: InfendoRadio@gmail.com Be good.

Wii – A Rational Take

Chris Kohler over at Game|Life a Wired blog has the most rational take on Nintendo’s new brand. He says, “Of course, I expect the Internet to brim over with toilet humor; that is what the Internet is for. But the Internet is not real life … In short, the fuss over Wii is an Internet Problem, not a Real Life Problem. In real life, the name’s soundalike will pass almost entir...

Wiird Name

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Revolution renaming has turned more people off than on. The weird new name- Nintendo Wii- has most recalling their last roller coaster ride. Nintendo seems to love the new branding, but not alot of their fans share that love. Bloggers, big game sites, insiders, and other outlets have also expressed their opinions. The ratio of people who don’t like the ...

Revolution has a new name: Wii

Simultaneously posted on both Japanese and American Nintendo sites is a short animation followed by a paragraph explaining the Revolution’s new name: “Wii” (pronounced “we”). The name represents the company’s aspiration that its system will bring people together, and its unique spelling represents the system’s equally unique approach to playing games, as w...

Touch and Speak Korean Test

Tomorrow my friend leaves from Japan on a trip to Korea for six days and as she does not know any Korean, I took her to purchase a copy of Nintendo’s Touch and Speak Phrasebook: Korea, with the stipulation that upon her return, she gives me a full review based on how useful the game proved to be on her journey abroad. Hopefully the “game’s” 29 phrase categories will allow h...

Konami’s New Rev Game [update]

IGN (by way of Joystiq) reports that Weekly Famitsu, over in the land of the red-dotted flag, has revealed Konami’s new game for the Revolution, Elebits. Joystiq says: “Produced by Shingo Mukaitouge (Guitar Freaks & Drum Mania series), the game features the new Elebit creatures. Players will explore the game world, hunting these Pikmin-like characters, which actually serve as an en...

Real Life Super Mario Bros.

I’m always weary about posting videos, so if you seen this, sorry for the redundancy. If not, enjoy. It’s a good one.

Portable GBA DVD Player

A new portable DVD player that includes a Game Boy Advance slot it coming! Gizmodo writes: “It includes multiplayer ports to hook up three additional Game Boy Advances, a DVD/CD drive, MP3 player, 10.2-inch screen, wireless headphones and a wireless controller. This should be available sometime next month and you should probably start saving, Visteon?the manufacture?isn?t known for being che...