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If you would have asked me just 4 years ago what the be all end all video game system was, I would have told you without even thinking about it the Nintendo Wii. I was fresh off my first couple playthroughs of Twilight Princess, and still having friends over every weekend for a Wii Sports Tennis tournament. Then something happened. I purchased my first non-Nintendo console….ever.

Now before all the pitchforks come out, I LOVE LOVE me some Nintendo. If I could only own one console it would most definitely be one that has an Italian plumber for a mascot. That still doesn’t mean that stepping outside the box was a bad thing.

Before my first ever console purchase that didn’t have the Nintendo logo, I swore off everything non-Nintendo and turned a cold shoulder to anyone whom wanted to tell me any different. I was a fanboy, a Nintendo fanboy to be precise. Nintendo hadn’t let me down yet, so why should I consider another console? Sure, I may have gone over to a friend’s house to see him playing a Sonic title on his shinny Genesis console. Was I a bit jealous? Of course. But at the end of the day I wanted my video games to have Mario and Link so I felt alright letting Sega do what Nintendidn’t. I was just fine with my SNES thank you. But what games did I miss out on because of this fanboyism? Was I so blinded that I could have missed out on incredible titles on other consoles?

This, my friends is why I converted….the games. Why did I have to choose between Mario and Sonic? What if I wanted to play Metroid and Halo? There are so many different game experiences on each console that it seems silly to side yourself with one or the other. I want it all!

So why is it that we defend our beloved Nintendo so vehemently? I for one do so because they have never rarely let me down. For the most part, when I play a Nintendo published title I know I’m getting a highly polished game that plays just right. I know that the game has been tested and tested and tested some more until it was baked up just right into a delicious Nintendo pie. That doesn’t mean that Microsoft cake and Sony pudding isn’t sweet also, just different.

So what’s the moral of the story? Well, the point I am trying to make here folks to not knock it until you try it. How many people do you know that completely dismiss anything Nintendo because it’s “kiddy”? Those unfortunate souls will have missed out on some of the best games the industry has to offer. The same is also true in reverse. For me, I missed out on awesome titles like Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force and Shinobi all because of my blind hatred of all companies not named Nintendo. It’s ok to pick favorites, just be sure to check out the grass on the other side of that there fence as well.

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. This is likely a silly question, but which non Nintendo console did you end up buying?

  2. I bought an Xbox 360 to play Blue Dragon of all games haha.

  3. I have a gaming PC besides the Wii. Steam is a 1000x cheaper than the PS3 or 360. I’m missing out on the Final Fantasy series… and that is about it. So although that is painful for me being a big JRPG guy, I’ll survive with all the great games I have access to.

    How anyone could own just a 360 or PS3 and not a Wii with all the Nintendo proper games is baffling to me.

  4. XCWarrior, I’m with you 1000%.

    Steam makes it so easy to buy games on a whim. PC + Wii is the perfect combo. While everyone bickers about which of PS3 or 360 is more HD, I just sit back and turn up my settings.

    Mainly I use PC to experiment and try new things while Wii will always be my reliable source for amazing titles.

  5. I’ve always been a Nintendo fanboy, but haven’t been shy to check out other systems as well. I owned a PS2 last generation, and own a 360 in addition to my Wii this generation. I go where the good games are, and, more often than not, that means Nintendo… with others thrown in from time to time 😉

  6. Yeah! Coexist! PSWii60! XD But really, I’ve been married to Nintendo since birth, but that doesn’t mean I don’t canoodle with the others. Nintendo is understanding, she knows she’s the only one for me, but she understands I need me some Halo, Little Big Planet, Fallout, or Bioshock to feel good at times. But in the end, I go home to Nintendo every day! I mean, I wouldn’t even canoodle with other girls if I had a girlfriend, even IF she didn’t mind! But I mean, Nintendo’s not a girl! XD

  7. I think the reason why I’m being exclusive to Nintendo, aka “fanboy”, ties in very well with your post “How do you game?”. Considering time is limited it isn’t always possible to have “both Metroid and Halo” if you want the full experience.

    My backlog is long as it is for Nintendo consoles as of now and getting another system wouldn’t really shorten it. Sure, there are worthy gaming experiences on other consoles but my time and money (and the backlog) goes to Nintendo since I find them having the for me best and most unique library. I’d rather lay my money on, and dedicate my space below the TV, to few consoles with large good libraries than to more consoles to get all the exclusives.

    When the day comes where you can create time, or my backlog reaches zero, I will gladly look beyond Nintendo for new games!

  8. I’ve been lusting after the games for systems I didn’t have since 1980, when I had an Odyssey2 and all but one of my friends had either Atari or Intellivision. When we got a Colecovision, I was still envious of the Atari 5200’s Pac-Man. I had a Commodore 64 and wanted some Apple games and, yes, some Atari 800 games. Had a NES, admired the Master System; had a Genesis and admired the SNES. And so on up to the present day, where I have a PS2, Wii and Xbox 360 all hooked up at once, and will be getting a PS3 when it’s cheap enough to play the few titles it has that interest me.

    In a way, I kind of hope something like OnLive becomes the standard for the future of games – 50 bucks worth of electronics built into the cable box as standard, there are no “formats” or competing consoles to buy, and you can play whatever game you like for your monthly fee plus extra if you want to play the day-one releases. In the mean time, I’ve resigned myself to buying multiple consoles each generation. In that regard, I’m thankful that being a grownup limits the time I can allot to video games to a level where I can get more than I have time to play out of a 5-year-old console and a hundred bucks worth of used games.

    But as platform-agnostic as I’ve been all my life, Nintendo’s still the only company who have managed to make me buy consoles just to be able to play the latest sequel in a franchise, specifically Mario on the Gamecube and Zelda on the Wii.

  9. I’ve been a fan of Nintendo and have mainly owed only Nintendo systems. I have PC games but it’s so hard to get into playing games on my gaming/media PC for me. I got the 360 to play all the halo games when Reach came out and have gotten both Banjo and Kazooie games that were for the N64.
    For me the Nintendo portables and consoles are enough for me, I’ve started creating a backlog starting middle of last year, with all the great titles that have came out and collecting older games.

    paq i’m in for creating time! 😀

  10. Nintendo is the only one for me.

    I am one of those old-time gamers who fell away and was brought back by the Wii. The other systems have NOTHING I want really. I do not allow shooters in my house so that knocks out 90% of the xbox and playstation lineup. I play real sports, not the video game ones. I am old enough to drive; if I want to experience it in a video game then I’ll play some Mario Kart.

    I don’t need realism in my hobby. I have enough of it in real life with a wife, six kids, a job, mortgage, etc.

    Now give me a world where I can be a plumber and stomp goombas or be a pink piece of yarn and I am all in.

    To be honest, one game from another system did interest me and it was Little Big Planet. Wasn’t interesting enough to go out and spend $600 though.

    So that is why I am a Nintendo Fan Boy.

    btw, Shining Force is available on the Wii’s VC.

  11. I like this post. Good work. Competition makes the industry better.

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